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Semiconductor devices form the backbone of industrial power control applications.

Solid state semiconductor technology has shaped our modern world to the point where even our everyday white goods and automobile products are now controlled through the switching and regulation of power devices.

Additionally with the trend now on renewable energy, semiconductors are playing a major roll in this developing field, from solar power to wind turbine farms.

Whilst we still have large demand for industrial power control applications such as Rectifiers, Converters, Inverters, and Regulators, used in high powered charging, welding, plating, heating, lighting, cathodic protection, AC drives, DC drives, Soft Start, Energy Optimizers, Telecommunications, UPS, and SMPS. The future is not only bright for these products, it depends on them.

GD Rectifiers supplies semiconductor devices and builds semiconductor assemblies for all these applications and can help with design and prototype production. From micro amps to megawatts, we are at your service. More about us »