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February 2024 – Power Assembly Clamps

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GD Rectifiers Power Assembly Clamps

GD Rectifiers manufacture a wide range of high-quality press-pack semiconductor power assembly clamps designed for mounting contact faces up to 140mm with forces ranging from 3kN and 80kN.


Power Assembly Clamps

GD Rectifiers offers three types of power assembly clamps: box clamps, bar clamps and spring bar clamps.

Box Clamps

Designed to be used with puk and capsule style semiconductors that require single-sided cooling. Box clamps are used with internal spring washers so that the correct force can be applied when the four bolts are tightened enabling contact with the power assembly or heatsink. GD Rectifiers’ box clamps have a maximum force of up to 40kN.

GD Rectifiers Box Clamps


Bar Clamps

GD Rectifiers’ bar clamps are designed to be used with puk and capsule style semiconductors that require double-sided cooling and have a maximum force of up to 45kN.

GD Rectifiers Bar Clamps


Spring Bar Clamps

This traditional spring bar and indicating clamping system supports the full range of semiconductors and has a maximum force of up to 80kN.

GD Rectifiers Spring Bar Clamps


GD Rectifiers power assembly clamps have been specifically designed to meet the requirements of all semiconductor manufacturers to optimise maximum performance from the devices are used in heatsink and power assemblies.


GD Rectifiers specialise in the design and manufacture of a broad range of assemblies including: rectifiers, regulators, inverters, selenium suppressors, firing circuits/trigger modules and single phase, three phase and hex-phase assemblies.


GD Rectifiers offer a large range of assembly components including semiconductor device clamps and heatsink profiles for maintaining thermal and electromechanical integrity of the components.


Our power assembly clamps are used in standard and custom designed solutions for most industrial power applications, including high powered high voltage rectifiers for charging, resistance welding, plating, heating, lighting, cathodic protection, magnetic supplies, pulse power, variable speed drives, choppers and inverters.


For further information on GD Rectifiers range of power assembly clamps, please call: 01444 243 452 or email:

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