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February 2024 – Get to know Ocram Power Electronics

Learn more about one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of power electronics
Ocram Power Electronics


Ocram Power Electronics (also known as Ocram), are specialist manufacturers of high voltage diodes, rotating silicon rectifier assemblies, converter assemblies, string diodes and snubbers.

The company was founded in 1999 and worked in partnership with Semikron, one of the Germany’s largest manufacturers of power semiconductors. The team worked hard to develop the entire production line and to introduce cutting-edge innovations.

Today, Ocram offer customers a series of services that run alongside their core business. Amongst these, Ocram has identified that product customisation is key for its customers.

Ocram has been distributing components and assemblies and has solid experience within the energy, aeronautical, naval, electro-medical (laser), wind power, photovoltaic and rail sectors on a worldwide scale. In 2006 Ocram expanded their production capabilities by opening a new operational site in Vicenza, Italy.

Today, Ocram’s products and services are exported all over the world thanks to their extensive distribution network.

Ocram Product Application

Ocram Power Electronics Services

  • Inverter and power supplies production
  • Inverter and converter assembly
  • Inverter and converter pre-testing and testing
  • Drivers for TriPhase Stacks
  • Photovoltaic diode string production for custom applications
  • Maintenance and repairs for assemblies, including those produced by other manufacturers


Ocram Power Electronics Product Range

High Voltage Diodes/Rectifiers

Ocram’s high voltage diodes/rectifiers are hermetically sealed in ceramic tube devices. They are suitable for solder or screw connections or clip-on contacts. They can be mounted in air or oil and feature avalanche characteristics. Available from 2.5kV-180kV.

Ocram Power Electronics High Voltage Rectifiers

View High Voltage Diodes/Rectifiers


Rotating Rectifier Assemblies

Rotating silicon rectifier assemblies in six-pulse bridge connection for brushless AC generators. Id range: 30A-300A.

Ocram Power Electronics Rotating Silicon Rectifier Assemblies

View Rotating Diode Assemblies


Converter Assemblies

Ocram offer a wide range of converter assemblies using thyristors and diodes, including: non-controllable, half controllable, fully controllable rectifier stacks complete with RC snubber circuits, fuses, varistors and bimetal thermal trips. Currents up to 6000A.

Ocram Power Electronics Converter Assemblies


String Diodes

Ocram’s extensive range of string diodes (also known as photovoltaic triple diode assemblies) are designed for photovoltaic panels.

Ocram Power Electronics String Diodes

View String Diodes



OCRC 440/440-2 are economic RC snubber networks for up to 500A RMS load current applications

Ocram Power Electronics Snubbers

View Snubbers


GD Rectifiers is proud to be an authorised distributor for Ocram, supplying their complete range of: high voltage rectifiers, rotating silicon rectifier assemblies, converter assemblies, string diodes and snubbers, alongside their custom made products.

For further information on Ocram’s products and services please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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