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Component Obsolescence

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Managing component obsolescence quickly is key

Power electronic lifecycles are shortening, and long-term product availability is key, particularly in the rail and submarine markets where product approvals are strict and time-consuming. Purchasers need to use reliable distributors who will inform them of component obsolescence and the purchasing options available. It’s crucial to use a reliable source to put together a purchasing plan, even after a component has already been made obsolete, purchasers need to act quickly to limit supply chain disruption.


Component support you can rely on

If you’re struggling to find a replacement for an obsolete part, then you’ve come to the right place. GD Rectifiers holds inventory in the UK and stocks an extensive range of power electronic components, including semiconductor components, circuit protection devices and passive components from over 20 of the world’s specialist manufacturers. We have long standing relationships with the brands we stock and speak to the factories daily. Our experienced sales team work closely with our entire network of suppliers to ensure we continue servicing our customers during busy times and help support customers on component obsolescence solutions on a daily basis.


Our expertise as the industry’s custom power specialist is finding you the right product, at the right price for your application. We work closely with our industry contacts and engineering team to source hard to find, obsolete and not for new design components.

We know that some industries or applications can’t accept replacement parts, so we work with those customers on creating and facilitating procurement plans to ensure supply continues until a replacement can be designed in. GD Rectifiers has extensive experience in sourcing replacement components, however if we can’t find one for your application, we might be able to work directly with the OEM and design one for you.


Just found out that your component is going to be discontinued?

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Electronic component obsolescence is inevitable because OEMs are launching new superior products faster than ever before, but we can help make the component obsolescence phase easier for you. We work with customers every step of the way, notifying you of obsolescence news, last time buys, alternative parts and we’ll even explore building bespoke components, so you don’t have the same problem again.

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Need Technical Support?

We partner with customers to help solve their design and component sourcing challenges. Whether you’re looking for a problem solving solution, need a direct replacement for an obsolete part or require expertise in designing a new product to market for a component that has been made obsolete, our friendly and experienced team can help.


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