EMI-RFI Filters

As one of the largest EMI filter manufacturers in the world, Enerdoor provides state-of-the-art EMI-RFI filters and power quality devices designed for every industry and application.

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EMI-RFI Filters

EMI-RFI filters for every industry and application

Enerdoor designs an extensive range of filters, including: custom EMI-RFI filters, single phase EMI-RFI filters, three phase EMI-RFI filters, three phase plus neutral EMI-RFI filters, parallel filters, DC EMI filters and military filters. GD Rectifiers stocks the complete range of EMI and RFI Filter selection from The Enerdoor Group, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Typical Applications for single phase EMI-RFI filters include: conveyors, automated machinery, variable frequency drives, servo drives, medical equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, renewable energy and power supplies.

Commonly used applications for three phase EMI-RFI filters include: automated machinery, packaging machinery, variable frequency drives, servo drives, IT networks, medical equipment, CNC machinery, HVAC systems, recharging stations, renewable energy and uniterruptible power supplies.

Three phase plus neutral EMI/RFI filters are typically used for: conveyors, packaging machinery, medical equipment, 3D printers, semiconductor machinery, automated machinery, woodworking machinery, multiple drive applications, laser equipment and CNC machinery.

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Our specialist products, components and designs can be found in a wide range of applications around the world. We also partner with customers to design custom components and devices to suit their requirements.

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FIN1351.006.M Three Phase EMI Filter

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FIN1240.005.M Three Phase Plus Neutral EMI Filter

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FIN21.003.M Single Phase EMI Filter

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