Heatsink design & selection, engineer reviewing heatsink options.

Heatsink Design & Selection

Whether you're a large corporation introducing a new profile or a hobbyist exploring heatsinks for the first time,
from start to finish we'll guide you through and support your project every step of the way

Heatsink Services

From sourcing and stockholding to saw cutting, deburring, CNC machining and toolmaking.

We offer a large selection of heatsink services designed specifically to help customers sourcing heatsinks. Whether you need help in all heatsink areas or are just looking to outsource CNC machining, we can assist you.

Heatsink Design

We work with customers to provide a custom solution for their thermal management requirements. We can help solve problems or improve performance, saving you time and money on material where we can. Our team can advise you on how to make your components easy to produce, at the lowest possible cost.
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Heatsink Sourcing & Stock Holding

In our new, purpose built 12,000 sq ft factory, we have increased stockholding facilities and are able to hold fully finished components or long lengths of aluminium extrusion. The aluminium size can be as small or as large as you need and we can supply it in scheduled batches or you can call it off as you require.
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Saw Cutting

We have a large range of fully and semi-automatic extrusion saws with the capacity to cut a wide variety of aluminium extrusions to short and long lengths as required. Our wide experience in handling aluminium enable us to supply straight or mitre cut extruded profiles accurately to tight tolerances.
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Aluminium Extrusion

We'll help you to select the best aluminium extrusion to meet your requirements.
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Heatsink Comparison Guides

Can't find the heatsink that's right for you? Let us help you with our heatsink comparison guides.
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We use Rasamat 2001 machines, specialising in 450mm long x 200mm high approx. Our machinery is fitted with a sliding table. The Rasamat system was developed specifically for deburring complex profile shapes. Every cutting edge is completely deburred inside and outside in one work step.
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CNC Machining

GD Rectifiers have dedicated CNC machinery used purely for machining heatsink to bespoke outlines specified by customers. The typical size of GD Rectifiers' CNC machines are up to 2000mm with a saw capacity of 500mm x 200mm.
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On many occasions if the machining is quite simple then aluminium extrusion or components can be punched at very competitive rates, especially if high volumes are involved. GD Rectifiers' range of presses combined with in-house toolmaking, makes us very competitive and able to provide products on short lead times.
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Finishing Options

At GD Rectifiers, we offer a wide range of finishing options including natural, clear, black and red anodised finish, powder coating, alocrom, electroless nickel, bright nickel, zinc and clear passivate and bright tin.
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We specialise in the assembly of small and large electro-mechanical units, rectifiers and blocking diodes, soldering, potting circuits using moulds and refurbishment work. We can also manufacture small jigs for end holes on heatsink jobs and large lighting fixtures on our CNC machines.
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We provide a high-quality assembly service, competitive pricing, and a fast turnaround, making us the ideal partner for outsourcing your assembly requirements. We can also remove our branding and paperwork and deliver directly to your customer if required to offer an even shorter lead time
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A thermal solution designed just for you

Heatsink Design & Selection

GD Rectifiers specialise in providing cost-effective thermal management solutions and supplying thousands of aluminium heatsinks to customers each year. From complex water and oil cooled designs to heatsink accessories such as clamps and thermal compound, we have a solution for every project.

We understand that no heatsink project or requirement is rarely the same, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of heatsink services and solutions, designed with our customers in mind.

We offer a diverse range of standard heatsinks, including: aluminium heatsinksforced air-cooled heatsinksLED heatsinkswater and oil cooled heatsinkssolid fin heatsinks and hollow fin heatsinks.


Heatsinks in stock

Shop from over 160 heatsink designs with 50 heatsink profiles in stock to choose from. We provide access to a large range of heatsink accessories, including: clamps for capsulesbusbar insulatorsbusbars for modulesAC and DC axial fansthermal trips and thermal compound. We also offer a wide range of heatsink services, including CNC machining, extrusion and deburring.

GD Rectifiers works with customers directly on custom heatsink specifications, including size, profiles, deburring and finishing options. GD Rectifiers offers customers a bespoke and cost-effective service, by providing customised cooling solutions.

We offer the following thermal consulting services to simplify the heatsink design and sourcing process:


1. Custom Drawings

We can work to an existing drawing, or they can act as part of your design team or even as an independent design resource. Our engineers are ready to assist customers at any stage of the process to help identify the best thermal solution for your product.


2. CNC Machining

We offer a precision CNC machining and milling service at our factory in Burgess Hill. Our dedicated machinery is used purely for machining heatsink to bespoke outlines specified by customers.

We can skim, drill, and tap any heatsink from our range to customer specifications, no matter how complicated the design. Our CNC machines are up to 2000m with a saw capacity of 500mm x 200mm.


3. Extrusions in stock

We have a vast range of experience in heatsink design and ensure sufficient aluminium extrusion for our most popular profiles are always in stock.


4. Modifying existing heatsinks in stock

Depending on how quickly customers need heatsinks and depending on the quantity required, our design engineers might suggest modifying an existing heatsink in stock to meet the required delivery date.

GD Rectifiers would always suggest manufacturing a customised heatsink where possible, to give the best representation of the profile, however modifying an existing profile from stock is also an option.


5. Customised heatsinks suit applications where standard products don’t meet the design brief, such as a requirement for a specific thermal performance or where there is insufficient space. GD Rectifiers offer an expansive range of customisations, including surface finish, drilling patterns, tapping, milling, lengths and shapes, with a choice of anodised colours or bare finishes.


6. Finishing options

Heatsinks are available in a wide range of electroplating and metal finishing options including natural, clear, black, and red anodised finish, powder coating, alocrom, electroless nickel, bright nickel, zinc and clear passivate bright tin. If you require a finishing option that is not listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


7. Heatsink samples

GD Rectifiers can provide heatsink samples, whether you need just one or a batch of 20 initially. We can provide samples from stock or manufacture customised heatsinks. When requesting samples, it is always recommended to tell us what your predicted forecast is, along with any delivery schedules you have in mind. This helps our sales team to put together a quote based on your sample request and for your on-going requirements.

Helping you design custom heatsinks for your application

Whether you’re looking for one-off prototypes for personal, commercial, or educational use, or if you’re working on a large-scale project and need a full production run of heatsinks, we are here to help. We work closely with customers on the design process and would suggest putting in a scheduled or call-off order to secure the best possible pricing and ensure on-going supply.


Heatsink Applications

GD Rectifiers has been designing and supplying heatsinks for customers in the rail, industrial, marine, LED lighting, renewable energy and oil and gas industries.

Our standard and customised heatsinks are most commonly found in:

  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Variable speed motor controls
  • Frequency converters in soft starters or large drives
  • Welding units
  • Electrical and industrial equipment
  • Inverter modules in renewable energy systems
  • Laser power supplies
  • Traction and auxiliary power units in rail vehicles


Heatsinks can also be found in industrial facilities, solar thermal water systems, power plants, HVAC systems, gas water heaters, forced air heating and cooling systems, CPUs, and electronic systems.