Hex Phase Assemblies

Offering a specialist range of double star controlled and uncontrolled rectifiers. Our hex-phase assemblies are suitable for renewable energy, industrial power, UPS, and pulse applications.

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Hex-phase Power Assemblies - M6UK, M6CK, M3.2UK, M3.2CK.

Used in a wide range of applications including industrial power applications, lighting, renewable energy, and resistance welding.

We offer power assemblies configured to suit your application and strict performance requirements and offer the following options:

Fitted line fuses, indicators and micro switches, Dv/Dt suppression, MOV overvoltage suppression, Hi/Lo thermal trips, water cooled options, higher voltages, IP20 enclosed, stand-by fans and trigger circuits.

Our range of hex-phase assemblies include:

  • Double Star Uncontrolled Rectifier (common cathode diode) – M6UK
  • Double Star Controlled Rectifier (common cathode thyristor) – M6CK
  • Double Star Uncontrolled Rectifier (common cathode diode) for IPT – M3.2UK
  • Double Star Controlled Rectifier (common cathode thyristor) for IPT – M3.2CK


For further information on our hex-phase power assemblies please contact us on 01444 243 452 or email enquiries@gdrectifiers.co.uk.

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Power Assembly Designer & Manufacturer

We’ve been designing and manufacturing power semiconductor assemblies for twenty years, specialising in the design of rectifiers, regulators, inverters, selenium suppressors and single phase, three phase and hex-phase assemblies.


We utilise the experience of our mechanical, electrical and power electronics engineering experts to test, design and deliver the best technology in our products.

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