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Ideal for customers requiring more than just a standard build

Power Assemblies designed to your exact specification

Whether you know which type of assembly and circuit configuration you require or need help designing a suitable power assembly for your application, we can help.

GD Rectifiers designs and manufactures high-quality power semiconductor assemblies to customer specifications using diodes and thyristors in a wide range of topologies, featuring 24 designs available from three configurations. Our power semiconductor assemblies are tailored for those customers that require more than basic semiconductor components. At GD Rectifiers, we’re able to design power assemblies to your exact specification, whether you know which type of assembly and circuit configuration you require or need help designing a suitable power assembly for your application.

Single Phase Power Assembly

Single Phase Assemblies – we offer uncontrolled (B2U), fully controlled (B2C) and half controlled (B2HA, B2HAF, B2HKF, B2HZ) single phase assemblies. We also provide fully controlled single phase voltage regulators (W1C) and half controlled regulators (W1H).


Three Phase Power Assembly

Three Phase Assemblies – our extensive range includes uncontrolled (B6U), fully controlled (B6C, W3C) and half controlled (B6HA, B6HAF, B6HK, B6HKF) three phase assemblies. We also offer three phase regulators (W3H), AC motor soft starters (W3C-SS), star uncontrolled rectifiers (M3UK) and star controlled rectifiers (M3CK).


Hex-Phase Power Assembly

Hex-phase Assemblies – or unique collection includes M6UK, M6CK, M3.2UK and M3.2CK.


Single Phase Circuit               Three Phase Circuit           Hex-phase Circuit


   Single Phase Assembly       Three Phase Assembly        Hex-phase Assembly


Custom designed high-power assemblies from 5kW up to 5MW

We specialise in a large range of assemblies from rectifiers and regulators to inverters, selenium suppressors and single-phase, three-phase and hex-phase power assemblies. Our diode and thyristor rectifier assemblies are available from 5kW up to 5MW and are designed in-house, incorporating bespoke clamping systems and thermal management solutions. Our extensive engineering capabilities within power semiconductor assemblies enable us to specialise in assembly design, manufacturing and testing in our in-house machine shop.

We offer a large selection of power assembly controllers and accessories, and components such as semiconductor clamps, thermal compound and heatsink profiles for maintaining thermal and eletro-mechanical integrity of the components.


A trusted manufacturer for over twenty years

GD Rectifiers’ power assemblies are typically used in cathodic protection, resistance welding, magnetic supplies, pulse power, variable speed drives, heating, and lighting applications. We also offer a repair and replacement service for faulty or ageing semiconductor rectifiers, converters, inverters, and regulators. Our experienced and friendly team work with buyers and engineers to design and build a suitable power assembly for your application. We offer expert design and technical support, making it easier for you to find the right power assembly solution for your project.

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