Isolating & Safety Transformers

A large selection of specialist single phase and three phase transformers specifically designed for marine, medical, industrial and renewable energy applications.

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Isolating & Safety Transformers

An isolation transformer transfers electrical power from an alternating current source to equipment or device. An isolation transformer is a type of transformer that provides electrical isolation between two circuits (primary and secondary) without modifying the secondary properties (voltage, current, and frequency levels). Isolation transformers isolate and protect electronic circuits and people from mainline electrical shock. Magnetic coupling is used to transfer electrical energy from primary to secondary.

Safety transformers provide a reliable supply to power circuits with the safety measures enabling protective separation or protection through shutdown.  Isolating and safety transformers are designed to transfer electrical power from a source of alternating current, offering substantial protection and acting as a safety transformer.

Meth Kft’s range of single phase electric transformers range from 30VA to 5000VA for industrial and automation applications and three phase filter reactors. Meth Srl’s range of single transformers range from 3.2VA to 80kVA and the three phase transformers range from 100VA to 1600kVA and are UL, KEMA and ENEC approved.

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