Heatsink Extrusions

GD Rectifiers heatsink extrusions are available in 1 and 3m lengths and are the most commonly used heatsinks for thermal management. We have one of the largest heatsink ranges in Europe, offering 160 standard free toolings.

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Showing 1–20 of 196 results

The Heatsink Specialists

Whether you’re looking for one-off prototypes for personal, commercial, or educational use, or if you’re working on a large-scale project and need a full production run of heatsinks, we are here to help.

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Heatsink Extrusions

High performance extrusion with the highest dimensional flexibility.

Our heatsinks are manufactured by pushing hot aluminium billets through a steel die to produce the final shape. Extruded heatsinks are usually supplied with a finish such as anodising, which can enhance the heatsinks thermal performance. GD Rectifiers heatsink extrusions are engineered to achieve optimal thermal and structural performance.

An extrusion for high-quality heatsink profiles always starts from a careful tooling design. The set up of the extrusion tooling is carried out by specialised personnel with extensive experience. Accurate inspection of the dimensions, the mechanical properties and the chemical composition are guaranteed for a high-quality product.

Each aluminium alloy has its own physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics which make it suitable for specific applications. We require versatile and machinable extruded heatsink profiles and rely on 6060/6063 Al-Mg-Si alloys, together with its good anodising characteristics.

We offer the largest range of profiles with more than 160 standard free toolings. In addition we hold a wide range of heatsink profiles in stock in our warehouse which can be accessed to meet your urgent and small quantity requirements. Our technical team can help and advise in the development of new profiles, according to your requirements and application.

Browse the heatsink range by device type, part number or comparison guide. The comparison guide allows you to compare the various sizes of each device. GD Rectifiers offer technical support on all heatsinks including specific heat dissipation requirements.

If a particular product is not shown or if you’d like to discuss your requirements, please contact us on 01444 243 452 or email enquiries@gdrectifiers.co.uk.

Heatsink Profiles In Stock

Discover the complete heatsink range today.

Stud Device Heatsinks

PS156                                 PS220                                 PS241

Comparison guide           Comparison guide           Comparison guide  

90x68mm                          120x100mm                       120x120mm



Small Isolated Device and LED Heatsinks

PS092                           PS125                             PS136

Comparison guide     Comparison guide     Comparison guide    

27x65mm                     25x100mm                   40x96mm



PS140                                  PS175                                   PS176

Comparison guide            Comparison guide            Comparison guide    

40x100mm                           50x125mm                          50x125mm



PS190                                          PS218                               

Comparison guide                    Comparison guide          

50x140mm                                  73x145mm




Comparison guide


GD Rectifiers PS271 Heatsink Image




Medium Isolated Device and LED Heatsinks

PS140                                       PS189                                   PS200

Comparison guide       Comparison guide         Comparison guide    

40x100mm                              39.5x150mm                           40x160mm



PS240                                                              PS290

Comparison guide                                       Comparison guide    

40x200mm                                                     40x250mm




Comparison guide    




Comparison guide    




Comparison guide    



PS250                           PS260

Comparison guide     Comparison guide    

125x125mm                135x125mm



High Efficiency Solid Fin Large Module Device and LED Lighting Heatsinks



PS291                                                                          PS292 

Comparison guide                                                    Comparison guide

77x215mm                                                                  77x215mm



PS293                                                                  PS340                                                             

Comparison guide                                            Comparison guide                                              

77x215mm                                                          80x260mm

 PS340 Heatsink by GD Rectifiers


Comparison guide


PS339C Heatsink by GD Rectifiers


PS285                                           PS335

Comparison guide                      Comparison guide

85x200mm                                   85x250mm




Comparison guide




Comparison guide




Comparison guide




Comparison guide




Comparison guide



High Efficiency Hollow Fin Large Isolated Device Heatsinks

PSxx4 – Variable width heatsink

84xW, where W = 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 600mm or 750mm


PSxx4C – Variable width heatsink

84xW, where W = 165mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm


Capsule Device Heatsinks

PS154                               PS185                                PS257

Comparison guide          Comparison guide          Comparison guide

50x104mm                       57x128mm                       79x178mm



PS280                                                  PS286

Comparison guide                            Comparison guide

70x210mm                                          86x200mm



PS320                                                          PS321

Comparison guide                                    Comparison guide

75x248mm                                                75x248mm



PS342                                          PS342C

Comparison guide                     Comparison guide

120x222mm                                120x222mm




Comparison guide



PS349                                     PS352

Comparison guide               Comparison guide

159x190mm                          112x240mm



Multipurpose Heatsinks


PS141 Multipurpose Heatsink

Heatsink Drawing

For all email enquiries on profiles in stock, please click here or call the office on 01444 243452.


Complete Range of Heatsinks

The following heatsinks are suitable for volume requirements and in many cases sample prototypes can be purchased. If you have a specific extrusion that you require that is not on this site, please contact the sales team as we can tool dies for customer specific applications. As with all of our heatsinks, GD Rectifiers can offer technical support for specific heat dissipation requirements. Please click on each individual heatsink drawing for a complete data sheet.

For all email enquiries, email us or call the office on 01444 243 452.


971222 861137 920916 000326 900212 958015
971102 000325 PS156 – In Stock
956659 PS220 – In Stock
PS141 – In Stock 860550 990305 911244 917313 900101
920711 880508 918717 b1430 a2753 980138
920616 955331 a2043 920223 000210 901954
910342 990209 930138 861139 a3169 956444
PS250 – In Stock 920136 891137 PS260 – In Stock 960525 PS185 – In Stock
950510 960317 a4926 870226 880513 960712
941117 958545 a6462 870401 910202 921002
b2229 PS286 – In Stock 860544 920723 955910 960713
910225 PS352 – In Stock PS320 – In Stock PS321 – In Stock 930306 930305
930307 930308 940909 940910 891128 891127
870427 870426 990402 a3152 920925 031103
920701 040305 980316 PS092 – In Stock b1429 921118
000324 920703 861136 910523 930431 970302
PS125 – In Stock PS140 – In Stock 020712 921225 896962 956458
956315 960129 921238 870245 920704 920907
940107 960302 020920 890703 957754 911246
911106 PS189 – In Stock 911116 PS200 – In Stock 953084 921237
956567 931216 920930 980205 940331 000112
050910 870606 PS240 – In Stock 920208 100102 960304
930718 906671 990429 PS285 – In Stock 931113 PS293 – In Stock
PS291 – In Stock PS292 – In Stock 920203 960113 970420 870908
PS271 – In Stock 990102 PS290 – In Stock 001028 871011 920931
880514 960938 891033 PS339C – In Stock 901036 920209
931016 881203 PS339 – In Stock 080312 980152 990111
000410 PS385 – In Stock PS485 – In Stock 040117 PS585 – In Stock 040118
020711 040119

Custom Designed Heatsinks

We can work with you to design a custom heatsink for your application. Whether you already know exactly what you need, or would benefit from receiving guidance from our technical team on the most suitable and cost-effective cooling solution, including new technologies and R&D projects, get in touch with our team to see how we could work together.

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