Power Supplies & Transformers

Offering a large selection of high-quality, reliable power supplies and transformers. Our portfolio includes current and pulse transformers, current and voltage transformers, and a wide range of single and three phase isolating and safety transformers.

GD Rectifiers power supplies and transformers

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Power Supplies & Transformers

Power supplies are electronic devices which swap one type of electrical energy to another. At GD Rectifiers we stock a specialist range of power supplies including open and closed loop halls effect current sensors designed to suit many applications requiring an accurate, fast response signal proportional to the primary current being measured.

Both power supplies and transformers can range in size and are found within modern everyday items. The difference with transformers, is that they transmit the same type of energy between two or more circuits. Transformers also cannot change voltage types, they operate only on an AC voltage to build a changing magnetic field and have no direct electrical connection with primary or secondary coils.

We offer a large range of transformers, from single and three phase isolating and safety transformers to current and pulse transformers and current and voltage transformers, all of which provide excellent performance.

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