Railway image. Traction refurbishments by GD Rectifiers.

Traction Refurbishments

Specialists in traction refurbishments, we can design a new assembly
or repair an old rectifier to help get your application back up and running

Repair and replacement service

Helping your faulty or ageing semiconductor rectifiers get back on track

Replacing a rectifier is usually an engineer or buyers first choice but it is not necessarily the easiest or cheapest option. Repairing or replacing the individual part is usually the most time and cost-effective solution which helps minimise machine downtime but is also a more environmentally friendly choice.


Traction refurbishments – knowing when to repair or replace

Engineers should always consider what approach they would take if their equipment broke down. The first factor to be considered is, whether the rectifier is still covered by its warranty which will usually only cover the first year. After the first year, engineers will often apply the 50/50 rule, which states that repairing makes sense when the sum of the spare parts and labour expense does not exceed half of the product original value.

However, supporters of the circular business approach will tend to disagree and believe that it is always worth remanufacturing or repairing unless the cost surpasses that of buying a brand-new unit.


A trusted, reliable service

Another aspect to consider is if the equipment required is still an active part and being supplied by the original equipment manufacturer or if it has been phased out and made obsolete. In either case, you can rely on GD Rectifiers to help design a new complete build or to supply a quick repaired or replacement rectifier to get your application back up and running. We offer a repair and replacement service for faulty or ageing semiconductor rectifiers, converters, inverters, and regulators, helping you get your equipment back to feeling brand new.