Bonded Fin Heatsinks

Our bonded fin heatsinks allow for a large surface area in a small space and can reduce thermal resistance by 50%. These heatsinks are typically designed for customer-specific applications and are used in the LED, solar, automotive, and rail industries.

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Bonded Fin Heatsinks

Reduce thermal resistance by up to 50%

Bonded fin heatsinks are extremely useful when cooling high power electronics and applications with forced convection.  GD Rectifiers’ bonded fin heatsinks are designed to customer specifications and allow for a large surface area in a small space, providing a reduction in thermal resistance by up to 50%.

Our bonded fin heatsinks are manufactured by fixing extruded fins to an extruded base, which allows the fins to be placed very close together, providing an increased fin density of what can be achieved with an extrusion.

GD Rectifiers’ bonded fin heatsinks are made from aluminium and the fins are fixed to the base using a soldering method.  Aluminium heatsinks are a cost-effective equivalent to using copper heatsinks. They also provide good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, fast heating, high-strength metal heating and are one of the lightest options in heatsink material.

Our bonded fin heatsinks are ideal for rail, marine, automotive, LED lighting, solar, electrical and industrial equipment.
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