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Bussmann North American Fuses

Bussmann’s North American Fuses provide an excellent solution for medium power applications. The fuses feature: low energy let-thru (l2t), low watts’ loss, superior cycling capability, low arc voltage and excellent DC performance.

Bussmann offers a comprehensive line of fuse bases that provide users with design and manufacturing flexibility. 

Bussmann North American Fuses by GD Rectifiers 

Fuse Type              Volts              Amps               Interrupting Rating                Datasheet         
FWA 130V:1000-4000A         130Vac 1000-4000A

200kA RMS Sym.

50kA @ 130Vdc

FWA 150V: 70-1000A 150Vac/dc  70-1000A

100kA Sym. (70-400A)

200kA Sym. (450-1000A)

20kA @ 150Vdc (70-800A)

100kA @ 80Vdc (70-400A)

FWH 500V: 35-16000A 500Vac/dc 35-1600A

200kA Sym. 

50kA @ 500Vdc

FWJ 1000V: 35-2000A 1000Vac 35-2000A

25kA (35-200A)

100kA (250-2000A)

50kA @ 800Vdc (35-200A, 450-600A)  

FWP 700V: 5-1200A 700Vac/dc



200kA RMS Sym.

50kA @ 700Vdc (5-100A and 700-800A)  

10kA @700Vdc (125-600A)

FWX 250V: 35-2500A 250Vac/dc 35-2500A 200kA RMS Sym.  Datasheet
KAC 600V: 1-1000A 600Vac 1-100A 200kA RMS Sym.  Datasheet
KBC 600V: 35-800A 600Vac 35-800A 200kA RMS Sym.  Datasheet

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Eaton Bussmann

Eaton Bussmann are a division of Cooper Industries and are a leading Manufacturer of Circuit Protection Solutions. They manufacture a wide range of Circuit Protection Fuses, Microswitches and Trip Indicators.

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