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Bussmann Ferrule Fuses

Bussmann’s wide range of Ferrule (cylindrical clip-mounted) fuses are designed and tested to meet the industry’s standard and requirements across the world. Bussmann’s ferrule fuses offer a unique design and provide superior cycling capability and low energy let-through. 

Bussmann Ferrule Fuses

Ferrule fuses are an excellent solution for small UPS, small AC drives and various other low power applications where space is of the essence.

The majority of Bussmann’s ferrule fuses have been tested at their rated voltage except 690V which has been tested to the IEC 60269 standard, requiring clearing at the rated voltage +5%.

Ferrule fuses are often mounted in fuse clips, fuse holders, fuse blocks or fused switches. 

 Part Number                           Volts                   Amp Range          
FWA 150 5-60
FWX 250 1-50
FWH 500 0.25-30
FWC 600 6-32
FWP 10x38, FWP 14x51, FWP 22x58      690/700 1-100
FWK 750 5-60
FWJ 1000 20-30
FWL/FWS 1250/1500/2000        2-30


Ferrule Fuse Accessories

Fuse Holders


Bussmann Fuse Holders by GD Rectifiers


DIN Rail Mount Fuse Holders

Part Reference: CH Series

North American 10 x 38 Class CC: Listed UL 4248, Guide IZLT, File E14853, Certified CSA Std. C22.2 No.39, Class 6225 01, File 47235

North American 10 x 38 Midget: Recognised UL 4248, Guide IZLT2, File E14853, Certified CSA Std. C22.2 No.39, Class 6225 01, File 47235

European: 10x38 IEC 269-2-1, 14 x 51 IEC 269-2-1, 22x 58 IEC 269-2-1



-       Finger-safe design with no exposed contacts

-       DIN rail mount (35mm) – fits standard mounting rails

-       Optional open fuse indication lights which can tell fuse status at a glance

-       Handle/fusepuller easily installs and removed fuses

-       Available in single and multi-pole configurations

-       Wire ready lugs and spade terminal connections save installation time

-       CE marking

-       Available up to 1000Vdc

-       PLC device available for remote monitoring

Typical applications include: switchboard panel, control consoles, small motors and transformers.


Recommended Bussmann Fuse Types

Class CC – North American Class CC Fuses – LP-CC, FNQ-R, KTK-R

10x38: North American Midget Fuses – FNQ, KTK, AGU, BAF, BAN, FNM, FWA, FWC, PV & NON

14x51: Fuses – FWX, FWH, FWP & NON

22x58: Fuses – FWP


Fuse Blocks

Bussmann Ferrule Fuse Blocks by GD Rectifiers

Fuse blocks for 22 x 58mm & 14 x 51mm fuses

Part Numbers: J70100, J70032

Ratings: 700Vac, 32-100A, 200Ka RMS Sym.

Flammability Rating: UL 94V0

Ferrule Fuse Blocks Datasheet


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Eaton Bussmann

Eaton Bussmann are a division of Cooper Industries and are a leading Manufacturer of Circuit Protection Solutions. They manufacture a wide range of Circuit Protection Fuses, Microswitches and Trip Indicators.

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