Medium Voltage Fuses

Browse our large selection of medium voltage fuses by Bussmann and Littelfuse, including BBU, E-rated fuses, R-rated fuses, fast acting and PT fuses in multiple configurations to fit your specific needs.

Medium voltage fuses by GD Rectifiers

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Bussmann Medium Voltage Fuses

Bussmann is a leading expert in the design, development and manufacture of medium voltage fuse links and their associated accessories and supplies fuses to 90 countries worldwide, playing an integral role in the international standardisation of medium voltage fuses.

Medium voltage fuses

Bussmann’s medium voltage fuses offer unparalleled short-circuit interruption capabilities and are used by electrical utilities and switchgear manufacturers throughout the world. Eaton’s Bussmann Series medium voltage fuses are safe, reliable and cost effective making them the protection device of choice for distribution circuits due to their speed of operation and current limiting ability.

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BBU Boric Acid Fuses

17kV, 27kV, 38kV

Bussmann’s Boric Acid Fuses for power transformers, feeder circuits, distribution transformers, metal enclosed and pad mounted switchgear. The Boric Acid Fuses have a voltage rating of up to 38kv coupled with ratings to 200A which provides a wide range of circuit protection. Their time-current characteristics allow for easier coordination with downstream devices.

BBU Boric Acid Fuses Datasheet


E-Rated Fuses

2.75kV to 38kV

10 to 450A

Bussmann’s E-Rated Medium Voltage Fuses are defined by their melting time-current characteristic that permits their electrical interchangeability with other fuses of the same E Rating. Bussmann’s E-Rated fuses are available in ferrule, bolt-on and clip-lock and speciality mount fuses for Ampgard start motors.

Typical applications include medium transformer primary protection, medium feeder circuit protection, medium voltage switches, medium metal-enclosed switchgear and direct OE replacements.

2.75kV Datasheet

5.5kV Datasheet

8.3kV Datasheet

15.5kV Datasheet

5.5 to 38kV Datasheet


Fast Acting Fuses

1 to 10kV, 1/16 to 10A

Bussmann’s Fast Acting Fuses vary in size depending on the electrical rating of the fuse to prevent over-fusing, offering a space saving size fuse. The fast acting fuses are typically used for medium voltage instrument protection and medium voltage circuit protection.

Fast Acting Fuses Datasheet


PT Fuses

2.475kV to 38kV, 0.25 to 15A

Bussmann’s PT Medium Voltage Fuses are designed for potential and small power transformers. These general purpose, low amp, current-limiting E-Rated PT Fuses are defined by their melting time-current characteristics that permits their electrical interchangeability with other fuses of the same E Rating.

Typical applications include: medium voltage potential transformers, small medium voltage service transformers and small medium voltage control transformers.

PT Fuses Datasheet


R-Rated Circuit Protection Fuses

2.4kV, 4.8kV, 7.2kV, 25 to 450A

Bussmann’s R-Rated Fuses are designed for motor circuit protection; they feature easy installation in existing hardware. They are available in standard, ampgard hookeye and ampgard hookeye hermetically sealed and bolt-on styles to meet application needs.

Bussmann’s R-Rated Fuses are in a self-contained, non-venting package for installation indoors or outdoors in enclosure.

R-Rated Fuses Datasheet   

Littelfuse Medium Voltage Fuses

Littelfuse offers a wide range of E-Rated, R-Rated, Potential Transformers and 700-xxx Series of Medium Voltage Fuses available in multiple configurations to suit most applications.

Medium voltage fuses are not intended to provide overload protection; they are usually only applied in situations where it is not necessary to open small overcurrents. Medium voltage fuses also offer a more comprehensive range of system voltages of 2,400-38,000Vac.



Littelfuse provides a selection of E-rated medium voltage fuses for the protection of transformers, potential transformers, feeders and motor circuits. Single, double and triple barrel designs are available to cover a wide range of current, voltage and interrupting ratings.

E-rated fuses have time current characteristics that provide current limiting protection for power transformers, potential transformers, power centres, feeder centres and unit sub stations. E-rated fuses can also protect against high and low value fault currents.

Littelfuse offers a wide range of configurations: ferrule type, clip lock and bolt-in mounting suited to almost any application. Littelfuse offers a line of E-rated fuses that are hermetically sealed for use in hazardous environments.

Littelfuse’s medium voltage fuses range from 2,400 to 38,000Vac and their high voltage fuses range from 38,000Vac and higher.

Amps (A): 3, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 175, 180, 200, 225, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 550, 600

Vac (V): 2750, 5500, 8250, 15500, 25800, 38000

Interrupting Rating: 8000A@15500Vac, @2750Vac, £5500Vac, @8250Vac, @15500Vac




R-rated fuses provide short-circuit protection for medium voltage motors, motor controllers and associated equipment. The R-rated fuse components have a limited ability to absorb the energy of large short circuit currents.

The motor controllers within the fuse contain overload relays which provide both overload protection and locked rotor protection to the motor. The controllers are also able to interpret the low value short short circuits within the capability of the motor controller, protecting the medium voltage R-rated fuses from sustained overcurrents.

Littelfuse’s R-rated fuses are available as hermetically sealed and with bolt-in mounting configuration. Live parts and mounting clips are available for mounting R-rated single, double and triple barrel fuses (which are all sold in pairs).

Voltage ratings (V): 2,750V – 8,250V

Current range (R): 2R- 36R

Interrupting rating: 170Vac – 2900Vac



Potential Transformer Series 

Littelfuse’s PT (Potential Transformer) fuses are current limiting fuses with high interrupting ratings designed for the protection of potential transformers.

Littelfuse advise when applying fuses for the protection of transformers, the magnetising current inrush must be considered. They also offer a range of live parts which can be used for mounting potential transformer single, double and triple barrel fuses (the clips are sold in pairs).

Voltage ratings (Vac): 625 – 25,800

Current range: 1/2E – 10E



700-xxx Series

Littelfuse’s 700xxx Series, also known as the live parts, are available for mounting E, R, and PT single, double and triple barrel fuses. And mountain clips are available for ferrule type and clip lock style fuses.



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