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August 2023 – Enerdoor’s DC EMI Filters designed specifically for the Solar Industry

Learn more about Enerdoor’s high performance and high voltage DC EMI filters

Enerdoor's DC EMI Filters. Solar inverter installation, solar panels and charging station.


Enerdoor offers a wide range of DC EMI filters that allow DC and low-frequency currents to pass through whilst blocking harmful high-frequency currents. This allows a device to work correctly by diverting unnecessary noise.


Enerdoor’s DC EMI Filters

Enerdoor’s DC filters are designed specifically for the solar industry. Filters FIN1220, FIN1520 and FIN7212 are installed between PV inverters and solar panels to reduce electromagnetic interference in DC power lines.

Enerdoor’s FIN1220.0V and FIN7212 offer ground connection separated from the virtual zero point which is beneficial for critical networks on the protective earth conductor. This series carries CE and UL approvals with a current range from 5 to 3000A, nominal voltage up to 1000Vdc and a compact case with screw and bus bar connectors. Customised solutions are available on request.

Enerdoor’s range of DC EMI filters are typically used in solar inverters, recharging stations, renewable energy, AC/DC converters and single phase machines up to 700Vac.


Benefits of Enerdoor’s DC EMI filters

  • Provides low leakage current
  • Features excellent differential and common mode attenuation
  • Reduces EMI radiation
  • Reduces conducted emissions
  • Prevents premature solar panel aging
  • Reduces EMC interference and meets EMC regulations


GD Rectifiers is the UK’s official distributor for Enerdoor and stocks their complete range of: DC filters, harmonic filters, EMI filters, line reactors, motor protection, parallel filters, power factor correction, surge arresters and voltage stabilisers.

For further information on Enerdoor’s DC EMI filters or to receive a quote, please contact our team on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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