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April 2023 – Enerdoor’s EMC & CE Certification Service

Leading EMC Manufacturer Enerdoor offers a set rate CE Certification Service

Enerdoor is a leading EMC, motor protection and harmonic solutions manufacturer with over 30 years of industry experience. Offering a large and available selection of EMC and power quality filters for every industry and application.

In addition to Enerdoor’s global presence and filtering solutions, the manufacturer offers EMC and CE compliance testing at a low set rate with a guaranteed solution – a unique service in the industry.


Discover more about Enerdoor’s EMC & CE Certification Service

Learn more about the basics of EMC and CE Certification, including what it is, who needs it, the countries that require it and how Enerdoor’s flat rate guaranteed solution is unique in the industry.

Watch Enerdoor’s CE Certification Video here –


What sets Enerdoor apart?

  • Best pricing and a global presence
  • Large inventory in stock
  • Decades of field experience solving power quality, RF interference and harmonic distortion
  • EMI filters with a 5-year warranty
  • CE testing at a set price with a guaranteed solution


Enerdoor products are suited to

  • OEMs exporting out of North America
  • Machinery has RF or electrical interference
  • PLCs and sensors are failing due to RF interference
  • Drives with IGBT firing
  • Reduce harmonic distortion or meet IEEE-519 compliance
  • Motors are significant distance from drive, more than 50 feet
  • Planning on buying a new drive


Discover the Complete Enerdoor Range

Huge Selection of EMC and Power Quality Filters In-Stock 

Whether you need 10 pieces or 10,000 Enerdoor has you covered with great prices  and an experienced global team.

Enerdoor's EMC & CE Certification Service

EMI-RFI Filters Motor Protection Harmonic Solutions
To protect and optimise equipment, Enerdoor EMC filters provide solutions in single-phase, three-phase, and three-phase + neutral filters. This series protects motors from harmful overvoltage and dV/dt spikes generated on the output. This is useful for applications with VFDs and servo motors. Our harmonic filters and line reactors meet any harmonic reduction requirements and may be used for single applications or an entire facility.


GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for Enerdoor and offers their complete range of DC EMI filters, Harmonic Filters, Motor Protection, Parallel Filters, Line Reactors, Power Factor Correction, Surge Arresters, Voltage Stabilisers and EMI Filters.

To discuss your EMC testing requirements and Enerdoor’s CE Certification Service, or to receive a quote on various Enerdoor electromagnetic devices, please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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