Power Assemblies and Controllers

Circuit Protection

Specialty Power Fuses

  • Cable Limiter Fuses

    A cable limiter provides very fast, short-circuit protection, primarily to faulted cables but also to other conductors such as busway. Cable limiters do not have an ampere rating and cannot …

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  • French Cylindrical Fuses

    Littelfuse offer a good range of french cylindrical fuses up to 690Vac and are used to protect cables against short-circuits, and time-lag (aM) fuses are used for protection of motors.

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  • Inline Fuses

    Littelfuse’s Inline fuses offer increased safety and reliability to lighting systems. By individually fusing fixtures, electrical problems are isolated from the rest of the circuit. The added benefits of this …

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  • Lift Truck Fuses

    Littelfuse lift truck fuses are designed to provide overcurrent protection for low voltage equipment used in hazardous operations. Littelfuse’s specialist range of lift truck fuses are used in a variety …

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  • Plug Fuses

    Littelfuse’s plug fuses provide overcurrent protection to general purpose circuits and small motor loads. Edison-base plug fuses (TOO and TLO series) feature metal threads similar to incandescent lamp bases.

    Littelfuse …

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  • Semiconductor Fuses

    Littelfuse’s comprehensive range of semiconductor fuses are designed for protection of power semiconductor devices such as diodes, triacs, IGBTs, SCRs, MOSFETs and other solid state devices that are typically designed …

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  • Solar Fuses

    Littelfuse specialises in high quality speciality fuses, including: solar fuses, semiconductor fuses, telecommunications fuses, TVSS fuses, French cylindrical fuses, inline fuses, life truck fuses, telcom alarm indicating fuses, cable limiter …

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  • Telcom Alarm Indicating Fuses

    Littelfuse’s 481 Series alarm indicating fuses reduce down time by immediately pinpointing the blown (open) circuit whilst triggering an LED or audio alarm. The 482 Series mating fuse holders are …

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  • Telecommunications Fuses

    Littelfuse offer a comprehensive range of telecommunications series fuses designed for short-circuit protection of telecommunications circuits, providing reliable protection of sensitive DC power distribution systems. Littelfuse’s range is constructed with …

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  • TVSS Fuses

    Littelfuse’s Varistor Protection (LVSP) fuses are designed for the protection of TVSS products.

    The LVSP series has been designed to survive the 8x20 µs lightning surges described in various standards …

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