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Bussmann British Standard BS88 Fuses

Bussmann's range of British Standard BS88 Fuses feature excellent cycling capability and DC performance. They are typically used in a wide range of applications, including: DC common bus, DC drives, reduced voltage starters, power converters and rectifiers.


British BS88 - 240V: 6-900A

Bussmann BS88 240V, 6-900A Fuse by GD Rectifiers

BS88 style stud-mount fuses 

Current: 6-900A

Voltage: 240Vac-150Vdc

Features: excellent cycling, capability, DC performance and low arc voltage and low energy let-through (l2t)

Typical Applications: DC common bus, AC and DC drives, power converters, reduced voltage starters

British BS88 - 240V: 6-900A Datasheet



British BS88 – 690V: 6-710A

Bussmann BS88 690V, 6-710A Fuse by GD Rectifiers

BS88 style stud-mount fuses 

Current: 6-710A

Voltage: 690Vac/500Vdc

Features: Excellent cycling capability and DC performance, low arc voltage and low energy let-through (l2t) and low watts loss

Typical Applications: DC common bus, DC drives, power converters/rectifiers, reduced voltage starters

British BS88 - 690V: 6-710A Datasheet



British BS88 Fuse Accessories

Trip indicators

Bussmann Trip Indicators by GD Rectifiers

Bussmann’s trip indicators are available for use in parallel with the main fuse, they can either be attached to the associated fuse or mounted separately in panel mounted fuse clips.

Fuse ratings of 20A and below cannot usually accommodate a trip indicator.

When a trip indicator is attached to the main fuse, an accessory pack featuring a pair of mounting clips and a trip indicator would be required. The clips are snapped on to the fuse end caps and the indicator is pressed into the clips.  


Electrical Specifications

Type                          T1500      T1700      
Maximum RMS Voltage     500 700
Maximum Peak Voltage 700 1000
Maximum DC Voltage 130 350
Cold Resistance (ohms) 0.3 0.45
Maximum Permissible Steady-state Current    1.5A 1.5A
Interrupting Capacity (RMS Sym.) 10,000 100,000
Pre-Arcing l2t 23 23


Fuse Indicator Kits

Kit Ref.       Details                 RMS Volts    For use with Fuse Ref.   
EC-250 Fuse mount indicator kits (includes one indicator and two clips)  250 LET
MC250 250 LMT and LMMT
EC-600 660 FE, FEE and ET
MC600 660 FM and FMM
MC700 700 MT and MMT


Microswitch Adapter - MAI and MBI

Bussmann Microswitch Adapter by GD Rectifiers

Bussmann offer a microswitch adapter for securing the indicator. The microswitch is provided with double pole, single throw contacts, having both a normally open and a normally closed position. A special material has been employed in the construction of the adapter to provide reliable operation within the range of temperatures associated with standard operating conditions during fuse operation.


MAI – back terminal orientation

MBI – side terminal orientation


Current Rating:

AC 50/60Hz resistive load @ 250V RMS = 4A    

AC 50/60Hz resistive load @127V RMS = 6A      

DC resistive load @ 110Vdc = 0.7A DC

DC resistive load @ 30Vdc = 2A DC

Maximum Working Voltage: Contact-to-contact (RMS) = 1000V

Contact-to-contact (RMS) = 1500V       

Maximum DC Volts = 110V DC


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Eaton Bussmann

Eaton Bussmann are a division of Cooper Industries and are a leading Manufacturer of Circuit Protection Solutions. They manufacture a wide range of Circuit Protection Fuses, Microswitches and Trip Indicators.

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