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July 2022 – GD Rectifiers: Your Custom Power Specialist

Published on: 14/07/2022

Power electronic components you can rely on, when you need them

GD Rectifiers the custom power specialist collage of warehouse, CNC machining images and power assemblies in the factory

GD Rectifiers warehouse and manufacturing images

Your Custom Power Specialist

GD Rectifiers is the go-to custom power specialist in the UK, providing a one-stop shop for all of your power electronic component needs. We offer a large, industry-leading range of: semiconductor components, circuit protection devices, passive components, magnetic transducers and wound products, green energy products, heatsinks and hardware, and power assemblies and controllers.

With over 55 years of engineering experience and expertise, GD Rectifiers works closely with engineering, buying and purchasing teams to create a custom power solution tailor designed to their application. We work with customers on design specifications, performance requirements, component availability, project timescales and budgetary costs.

We partner with over 20 of the world’s leading power electronic brands as an authorised distributor to offer you a wide range of benefits. We have long-lasting, established relationships that span back over 20 years with a handful of manufacturers including IXYS, Westcode and Semikron.

  • Over 170,000 components in stock – we have an impressive product portfolio and make sure our core stock range is in stock for when you need it
  • Flexible ordering – be confident in your stock levels and use GD Rectifiers, we offer a range of flexible order solutions including call-off or scheduled orders
  • Dedicated account management – our team works closely with repeat customers to ensure continuous supply, we work as an extension to your team
  • Unbeatable technical support – we’re proud of the relationships we have built with our customers, we support them every step of the way from enquiry and product selection right the way through to delivery and aftercare
  • Stock holding – we help customers with small premises or small storage areas to increase their stock holding by offering to store call-off orders in our warehouse, making the stock accessible for when you need it
  • Contract manufacturing – we offer a wide range of contract manufacturing services designed to help customers with requirements to outsource all or a significant part of their product manufacturing, most commonly, power assembly and heatsink production
  • Independent distributor – we are an independently owned distributor, we’re not part of a big group or corporation so we work a little differently. When you contact us about our products you’ll speak to the same sales representative from enquiry right the way through to delivery. We like to personalise your shopping experience and aim to make it a pleasant one, which is why we take the time to get to know our customers and understand their needs. We know what’s important to you and invest our time and efforts in sourcing the best possible products with the fastest delivery at the best possible price, providing you with expert technical support every step of the way.

Our Partner Manufacturers

We partner with some of the world’s most famous power electronic brands to offer our customers a coherent product range.


API Capacitors

Applied Thermal Control




Electronic Devices Inc

Eichhoff Elektro

Eichhoff Kondensatoren


GD Rectifiers




Meth Kft

Meth Srl

Ocram Power Electronics


Sirio Inductive Components


United Automation


Product Range






IGBT Modules

High power IGBT modules


High voltage diodes

Fast recovery diode modules

Inverter modules

Rectifier bridges

Gate drivers

SiC power MOSFETs

SiC power modules

SiC schottky diodes

Switchable current regulators

Optically isolated AC power switches

Thyristor diode modules

Thyristor module accessories

TVS diodes

Power semiconductor accessories

Circuit Protection Devices

Semiconductor Fuses & Microswitches

–       High speed fuses

–       Battery storage fuses

–       High voltage fuses

–       IEC & British standard fuses

–       Industrial fuses

–       Medium voltage fuses

–       Industrial power and UL fuses

–       Low voltage UL and CSA branch circuit fuses

–       Specialty power fuses

–       Square body fuses

–       Resettable PTC fuses

EMI filters

DC filters

RFI filters

Parallel filters

Medical and Military filters

Harmonic filters

Motor protection

Power factor correction

Voltage stabilisers



Surge protection modules

Surge arresters

Selenium transient suppressors

Breakover diodes

Thermal trip protection

LED protectors

Safety isolating transformers

Current transformers

Flat transformers

Ignition transformers

Electronic Ignition system

High frequency ignition systems


Magnetic Transducers and Wound Products

Current and voltage transformers/transducers

Pulse, HF and current transformers

Current transformers


Line reactors

Single phase transformers

Three phase transformers

Transformer and mu metal cores


Power Assemblies & Controllers

Power assemblies



Firing circuits/trigger modules

Selenium rectifiers

Selenium suppressors

Rotating diode assemblies

Photovoltaic triple diode assemblies

Blocking and voltage dropping diodes

Single phase assemblies

Three phase assemblies

Hex phase assemblies


Passive Components



Low & Ultra Low Temperature Capacitors


Traction Converters and Subsystems

Converters for coaches

Converters for locomotives

Converters for trains

Converters for trams

Liquid cooling systems

Power electronic building blocks

Trackside converters


Heatsinks & Hardware

Heatsink extrusions

Closed loop water coolers/air blast coolers

Forced air cooled heatsinks

Water/oil cooled heatsinks and cold plates

LED heatsinks

CNC machining

Clamps for capsules

Busbar insulators

Busbars for modules

AC and DC axial fans

Thermal trips

Water to water heat exchangers

Thermal compound

Fan accessories

GD Rectifiers is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company and is your one-stop shop for all power electronic components and power semiconductor builds. We cover all areas of electronic and electrical assemblies and heatsinks, adhering to strict international standards. We provide unrivalled customer service and quality and adhere to the following systems: BS EN 60947-4-3:2014 and BS EN 60146-1-1:2010.

For further information on GD Rectifiers’ product range, or to discuss your enquiry, please call us on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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