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Eichhoff Kondensatoren

Eichhoff Kondensatoren has more than six decades of experience in radio interference suppression and specialises in the design and manufacture of EMC radio interference suppression filters, EMC RFI capacitors, radio interference suppression chokes and RC combinations.


EMC Radio Interference Suppression Filters

Eichhoff Kondensatoren EMC Radio Interference Suppression Filters

Eichhoff's EMC radio interference suppression filters are used in electrical and electronic devices and systems to reduce radio interference and increase immunity to interference. 

Eichhoff Kondensatoren offers single phase, 3 phase and 3 phase + N filters. 

- Single phase (IEC plug filter, built-in filter, DC filter) from 6.5A - 35A.

- 3 phase (built-in filter) from 10A - 280A.

- 3 phase + N (built-in filter) from 10A - 280A. 


- Encapsulation: oval metal case

- PCB-mounting

- IEC with IEC power line connector

- Encapsulaiton: round metal case with threaded stud

- Encapsulation: plastic case with metal

- Encapsulation: plastic case with metal

- For single phase systems

- For frequency inverters

- For frequency inverters technique footprint


EMC RFI Capacitors

Eichhoff Kondensatoren EMC RFI Capacitors

Eichhoff's EMC suppression capacitors are reliable, high quality devices, used in electrical and electronic systems alongside customer-specific applications. 

Spark Quenching Capacitors X1

Two-pole-types X1Y2

Four-pole-types X1Y2

Rast 5



EMC RFI Capacitors Datasheet


Radio Interference Suppression Chokes 

Eichhoff Kondensatoren Radio Interference Suppression Chokes

The radio interference suppression chokes serve as current-compensated toroidal chokes, protectoive conductor chokes and line feedback chokes, the suppression of interference pulses or high alternating current components and have a wide range of applications.

- Current compensated chokes

- Earth line chokes

- Chokes for power factor correction


RC Combinations 

Eichhoff Kondensatoren RC Combinations

These simple but effective circuits or spark extinguishers in electrical engineering and can be used for both AC and DC voltages. 

X1 combinations

X2 combinations


For further information on Eichhoff Kondensatoren's product range, please contact us on: 01444 243 452 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Eichhoff Kondensatoren

Eichhoff Kondensatoren has more than 60 years experience in radio interfence suppression (EMC) and are headquartered in Germany. Customer-specific developments and series production have remained one of Eichhoff Kondensatoren's greatest strengths. They supply an extensive range of EMC solutions to a wide range of markets, including: consumer electricals, industrial, medical and rail. 

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