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April 2024 – How working with a distributor can make sourcing power electronic components easier

Learn more about the time and cost-effective ways to source the components you need
How working with a distributor can make sourcing power electronics easier

Partner with a reliable distributor

It’s important to partner with a distributor that has its finger on the pulse of the market and strong relationships with power electronic manufacturers. A quality distributor with a high level of expertise can simplify the buying and selection process. Its important for distributors to make unbiased recommendations that meets the customers needs and budget so it’s always beneficial to use a distributor that stocks a wide range of manufacturers.

GD Rectifiers works directly with customers in the power electronics industry to understand their exact requirements. GD Rectifiers draws on decades of experience in providing a unique and tailored customer service, helping customers access the most suitable devices from the world’s top manufacturers. GD Rectifiers also continues to support customers on additional services including contract manufacturing.


Making the right choice

GD Rectifiers partners with over 30 of the world’s largest manufacturers to offer customers a comprehensive range of power components suitable for every application.

GD Rectifiers stock over 170,000 components at any one time and are continuously adding to their impressive portfolio of semiconductors, circuit protection devices, passive components, power assemblies, heatsinks and traction converters and subsystems. Most recently, three new global manufacturers were added to GD Rectifiers’ network including Dynex, Meth Transformers Group, Littelfuse and Eichhoff Kondensatoren.


Benefit from experience and expertise

GD Rectifiers has worked successfully with multiple OEMs, SME’s, start-ups and buying houses around the world to supply power electronic components at competitive prices, with fast delivery and expert technical support.

For companies looking to source power electronic components, traction converters, assemblies and heatsinks, there are many benefits to working with a reliable and experienced distributor.

Distributors such as GD Rectifiers can provide a holistic and independent approach to identifying and sourcing the power electronic devices required. GD Rectifiers partners with customers as a sole provider, eliminating the need to spend valuable time and resources dealing with multiple suppliers.

With more than 55 years of experience, we design, manufacture and assemble high power semiconductor assemblies and thermal management products for a wide range of applications. We specialise in custom designs for customer specified topologies and our engineers work with customers to find the highest performance, cost efficient solution for their needs.

Alongside distributing power electronic components, we also design and manufacture an extensive range of over 160 heatsink profiles to some of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors across automotive, solar, rail, marine, electrical and industrial industries.


For further information on GD Rectifiers please visit our about us page.

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