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Circuit Protection

GD Rectifiers Ltd

GD Rectifiers are a Global Manufacturer and Distributor of products, services and solutions to commercial and industrial users of power electronic components.

GD Rectifiers Product Range

With over 50 years of extensive experience across a large range of markets, GD Rectifiers design and manufacture Standard and Custom Made Heat Sinks, Selenium and Silicon Rectifiers, Suppressors, Converters, Inverters and Regulator Products for Industrial power control applications.

They also stock a comprehensive range of Diodes, Thyristors, IGBTs and MOSFETs from some of the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers.


Circuit Protection

GD Rectifiers Circuit Protection

GD Rectifiers’ circuit protection products include Surge Arrestors and Varistors for maximum security and protection. Surge Arrestors are the primary protection against atmospheric and switching over voltages. Varistors have an electrical resistance that varies with the applied voltage. Also known as a voltage-dependent resistor (VDR) it has a nonlinear, non-ohmic current voltage characteristic. 

Dv/dt Suppression

Surge Arresters




GD Rectifiers Drivers

GD Rectifiers design and manufacture a wide range of high efficiency phase controlled thyristors, including replacements for obsolete thyristors. A thyristor is a driver that is used to control another circuit or component to regulate the current flow through a circuit or to control other components within it.



Heat Sinks & Hardware

GD Rectifiers Heat Sinks & Hardware

GD Rectifiers design and manufacture an extensive range of heat sinks, hardware and accessories, including; standard and custom made heat sinks, heat sink accessories and heat sink assemblies.  

Aluminium Heat Sinks 

Custom Heat Sinks 

Forced-Air Cooled Heat Sinks

Hollow Fin Heat Sinks

LED Heat Sinks

Solid Fin Heat Sinks

Water and Oil Cooled Heat Sinks


Thermal Management

GD Rectifiers Thermal Management

GD Rectifiers manufacture a wide range of thermal management solutions, including: axial fans, thermal trips and fan accessories. GD Rectifiers’ thermal management solutions improve reliability and prevent premature failure. 

Axial Fans

Clamps for Capsules

CNC Machining


Thermal Compound 

Thermal Trips


Power Assemblies & Controllers

GD Rectifiers Power Assemblies & Controllers

GD Rectifiers’ engineers are experts in designing high quality and high reliability power assemblies for applications where optimised performance is required. Solid state semiconductor technology used in power assemblies provide GD Rectifiers’ customers with standard and custom design solutions for most industrial power applications.

Blocking and Voltage Dropping Diodes

Power Assemblies



Selenium Rectifiers

Selenium Transient Suppressors

Technical Data & Selection

Single Phase Assemblies

Three Phase Assemblies

Hex Phase Assemblies

Form Factors



GD Rectifiers Passives

GD Rectifiers stock a wide range of passive devices, including: resistors, capacitors and inductors. Passive components do not have the ability to control current by means of another electrical signal.

Custom Designed Capacitors

Inductors & Chokes 




GD Rectifiers Semiconductors

GD Rectifiers manufactures and distributes world-leading semiconductor devices from IXYS, IXYS UK Westcode, SEMIKRON, Semtech, Dynex, Vishay, EDI, ABB and Infineon. GD Rectifiers can also design and build bespoke prototypes to suit your requirements.

High Voltage Diodes

High Voltage Rectifiers

Obsolete Semiconductors




For further information on all GD Rectifiers' products, please contact us on: 01444 243 452 / .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  



GD Rectifiers Ltd

GD Rectifiers design and manufacture Selenium and Silicon Rectifiers, Suppressors, Converters, Inverters and Regulator Products for industrial power control applications.

They are the UK's leading Distributor of power electronic components and hold extensive stock of Diodes, Thyristors, IGBTs and MOSFETs from the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers.

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