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Ocram are specialised manufacturers of High Voltage Diodes, Rotating Silicon Rectifier Assemblies, Converter Assemblies, String Diodes and Snubbers.

Ocram Product Range

Power Assemblies

Ocram manufacture a unique range of rotating diode assemblies and photovoltaic triple diode assemblies. Ocram’s rotating silicon diode assemblies feature a six-pulse bridge connections, and are available in various models ranging from 30 to 300A. The rotating silicon diode are commonly used for rotating UPS, brushless AC generators, alternators and wind power systems.

Rotating Diode Assemblies 

Photovoltaic Triple Diode Assemblies   



Ocram offer a wide range of hermetially sealed high voltage diodes suitable for solder or screw connections.

High Voltage Diodes 


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Ocram Power Electronics

Ocram Power Electronics has worked in the power electronics sector since 1999 and today produces and distributes both components and assemblies used in the energy, aeronautical, naval, electro-medical (laser), wind power and railway sectors on a worldwide scale. Quality and innovation have long been Ocram's primary objectives.

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