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Eichhoff Elektro

Eichhoff Elektro is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in Electromagnetic Interference.  Renowned for it’s high quality and innovative solutions, Eichhoff Elektro manufactures an extensive range of safety transformers and electronic ignition systems for gas from their Head Office in Hungary.

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Electromagnetic Solutions

Since the beginning of the last century, Eichhoff Elektro Kft has been known for technological progress and quality. Eichhoff manufacturers safety transformers 50/60 Hz and electronic ignition systems for gas in Hungary. 

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For further information on Eichhoff Elektro's products please call: 01444 243 452 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Eichhoff Elektro

Eichhoff Elektro manufactures safety transformers and electronic ignition systems for gas. 

Eichhoff Elektro joined the Enerdoor Group in 2011 which consists of Enerdoor in North America and Europe, Finmotor and Finlab in Italy and Eichhoff Elektro in Hungary.


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