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ANYSOLAR designs, develops and manufactures the IXOLAR™ surface mountable SolarBIT™ and SolarMD™ compact-size modules. ANYSOLAR has extensive experience in the solar industry and has previously produced the high quality solar modules for IXYS: A Littelfuse brand, building a global solar module market for more than a decade.

Anysolar Products by GD Rectifiers

ANYSOLAR recently acquired the SolarBIT and SolarMD ranges that they previously manufactured for IXYS. The SolarBIT and SolarMD product ranges meet the power requirements of custom-specific applications and are suitable for industrial applications such as wireless sensors for portable instrumentation, IoT devices and charging emergency back-up batteries. ANYSOLAR continues to design, develop and manufacture surface mountable SolarBITs and other compact sized solar modules, now under their own name of ANYSOLAR.


IXOLAR solar products are monocrystalline silicon, resulting in:

-       Higher efficiency over thin film, amorphous or polycrystalline cells

-       Conversion of a wider frequency range of light

-       Consistent performance over time

-       Extended industrial temperature range

-       Higher reliability/longer life



-       Surface mountable

-       Reflow solderable

-       Film laminated encapsulation

-       Form factor: 23mm x 8mm x 1.8mm

Anysolar IXOLAR SolarBIT by GD Rectifiers

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-       Manual solderable mini solar modules

-       Film laminated encapsulation

-       Customised voltage/current ratings

-       Various module sizes

Anysolar IXOLAR SolarMD by GD Rectifiers

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For further information on the ANYSOLAR product range, please call: 01444 243 452 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


ANYSOLAR is a leading manufacturer of high quality solar modules and previously manufactured IXYS’ IXOLAR™ product range. In June 2020, ANYSOLAR acquired the IXOLAR solar division (including SolarBIT™ and SolarMD™) from IXYS, continuing to drive solar technology directly in the solar module market.

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You can find further information on Anysolar using the following links:

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