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Circuit Protection


SEMIKRON are a leading manufacturer of semiconductor components, including power modules and systems. Based in Germany, SEMIKRON specialises in Discrete Semiconductors, Transistors, Diodes, Thyristors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, Thyristor Diode Modules, Pulse Transformers and Power Assemblies.

 SEMIKRON Product Range           


SEMIKRON Thyristors

SEMIKRON thyristor modules are available in different packages, including: SEMIPACK, SEMiSTART, SEMIPOINT and SEMITOP. The various contact technologies include: soldered contact, bonded contact or pressure contact modules. SEMIKRON thyristor modules are available in a variety of dual and single topologies for almost all phase control or rectifier applications, providing voltages up to 2200V.



Heat Sinks & Hardware


SEMIKRON offers a broad range of heat sinks, including forced and natural air cooling and water coolers. SEMIKRON’s heat sinks are available for capsules, insulated base modules or IPMs.

Air Cooled Heat Sinks 

Aluminium Heat Sinks 

Solid Fin Heat Sinks 



SEMIKRON Semiconductors

As one of the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers, SEMIKRON offers a large range of semiconductor components, including: diodes, IGBTs, MOSFETs, pulse transformers, rectifiers and thyristors.



IGBT Drivers


Rectifier Bridges  

SiC Hybrid Power Modules

SiC Power Modules 


Thyristor Diode Modules


Power Assemblies & Controllers

SEMIKRON Power Assemblies

SEMIKRON offer more than 200 off-the-shelf stack assemblies worldwide, assemblies include: power semiconductor modules, gate driver, snubbers, protection, DC link capacitors and cooling. The product portfolio ranges from application samples for design-in support up to fully qualified stack assemblies. With direct access to core technology of semiconductors and electronics, SEMIKRON provide efficient designs for every application.

Power Assemblies


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Semikron Ltd

SEMIKRON is a leading global semiconductor manufacturer. Semikron focuses on new markets such as renewable energy and hybrid vehicles as well as industrial applications such as electric drives, welding machines, lifts, power supplies, pumps, conveyor belts, trains and trams.

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