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Littelfuse is a global leader in circuit protection and offers a comprehensive range of speciality fuses including: solar fuses, semiconductor fuses, telecommunications fuses, TVSS fuses, French cylindrical fuses, inline fuses, lift truck fuses, telcom alarm indicating fuses, cable limited fuses and plug fuses.

Littelfuse’s fuse ratings and other performance criteria are evaluated under laboratory conditions and acceptance criteria, and defined in one or more various fuse standards. Its’ important for customers to understand these standards so that the fuse can be properly applied to circuit protection applications.

Littelfuses’ extensive range of fuses comply to the following standards: UL Listed, METI approved and IEC recognised. 


Industrial Power and UL Fuses             Medium Voltage Fuses   

Littelfuse Industrial Power & UL Fuses By GD Rectifiers                                     Littelfuse Medium Voltage Fuses by GD Rectifiers


Current: 0.1A – 2000A                                                           Current: 0.5A – 800A

Voltage: 250VAC -1000VAC, 125VDC – 1000VDC                Voltage: 600VAC – 38000VAC

Types: Class L, Class RK5, Class RK1, Class J,                    Types: E-Rated, R-Rated, Potential

Class CC, Class T, Midget 10x38mm, Class G                       Transformer, 700-xxx Series

Class K5, Class H Fuses

Shop Industrial Power and UL Fuses                                   Shop Medium Voltage Fuses


Resettable PTCs Fuses                             Specialty Power Fuses          

Littelfuse Resettable Fuses By GD Rectifiers                                      Littelfuse Speciality Fuses by GD Rectifiers 

Current: 0.05A - 6A                                                             Current: 0.3A – 2000A

Voltage: 6V – 250V                                                              Voltage: 32VDC – 1500VDC

Types:  TD and Chip Resettable, Low Resistance,              Types: Solar, Semiconductor,

Surface Mount, Radial Leaded, Battery Strap,                     Telecommunications, TVSS, French  

Telecom, Bladed Devices, Line Voltage Rated                      Cylindrical, Inline, Lift Truck, Telcom

Devices                                                                                  Alarm Indicating, Cable Limiter, Plug Fuses

Shop Resettable Fuses                                                      Shop Specialty Power Fuses 


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Littelfuse is a global manufacturer of leading technologies in circuit protection, power control, and sensing. Littelfuse products are found in automotive and commercial vehicles, industrial applications, data and telecommunications, medical devices, consumer electronics, and appliances. They partner with customers to design, manufacture, and deliver innovative, high-quality solutions, for a safer, greener, and increasingly connected world—everywhere, every day.

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