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June 2022 – Four ways to tackle component obsolescence

Published on: 29/06/2022

Simple cost and time-effective ways to cope with and tackle component obsolescence

Semiconductor collage of diodes, thyristors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, didoe modules, IGBT modules, MOSFET modules, thyristor modules and thyristor/diode modules

The power electronics market is a fast-moving industry where products are superseded as quickly as they are released, sometimes without any direct or close alternative. This is especially evident in the semiconductor industry and several manufacturers are known for their quick turnover of component lifecycles. Component obsolescence can cause detrimental consequences to manufacturers producing products with long lifecycles who require component availability for many years to come.

GD Rectifiers has been helping customers source end-of-life or obsolete components for over 10 years. We work closely with customers to develop a sourcing strategy for end-of-life or obsolete parts when all alternative part options have been exhausted. We also have the ability the design-in components with the component manufacturers directly if there is a particularly large ongoing demand for a component.


Component Selection is Key

Poor component selection can lead to premature component end-of-life resulting in a redesign or application obsolescence. Purchasing teams should seek clarification from the OCMs (original component manufacturers) on their product life-cycle and long term availability before designing the component in to their build.


Approved Supplier List

GD Rectifiers has access to a large global network of suppliers which it trusts and works with regularly. Partnering with a distributor that has access to a wide network will help future-proof your supply and ongoing component requirements.


Product Discontinuation Notices

GD Rectifiers shares PDNs (product discontinuation notices) with customers so they can forward plan their orders and start sourcing an alternative component in real time.


Alternative Parts List

Preventative planning for obsolescence, such as having an alternative parts list for bigger projects or initialising it as a new procurement process could prove beneficial to help manage product performance, costs, component engineering and purchasing management. Whilst creating an alternative parts list is not feasible for every single project and alternative parts are still subject to change and be made obsolete, key projects could be prioritised and handled slightly differently.


It is important to stay up to date with component obsolescence, PDNs (product change notifications) and PCNs (product change notifications) to help plan for any disruption to your supply chain as quickly as possible. GD Rectifiers shares PDNs on their power electronics blog and communicates last time buys, order and delivery dates to existing customers whose orders are affected by the changes.


GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for some of the world’s leading power electronic component manufacturers such as IXYS, IXYS UK Westcode, SEMIKRON, EDI, Bussmann and Mersen. GD Rectifiers is a trusted independent distributor of semiconductors, circuit protection devices, passives and electromagnetic components.


For further information on the power electronic components that GD Rectifier’s has in stock please visit our stock list or call our team today on 01444 243 452 or email


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