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May 2024 – Power Electronics for Energy Storage Systems

Introducing Semikron’s Power Electronics for Energy Storage Systems

Power Electronics for Energy Storage Systems

Semikron provides a wide range of power electronics suited to energy storage systems, such as power modules, IPMs and power electronic stacks.

With more renewable energy sources in our power grid than ever before, the demand for energy storage systems to stabilise mains fluctuations will continue to grow. Semikron offers a large range of small to medium-power modules for residential and industry scale storage systems to high-power SKiiP 4 IPMs and ready-to-use power electronic stacks.

Semikron’s products deliver maximum reliability, meeting the extended lifetime requirements of energy storage systems. Their industry standard packages, high-power IPMs as well as power electronic stacks offer a complete product portfolio to cover customer requirements in the growing energy storage market.


Semikron product range


Power Electronics for Energy Storage Systems

Semikron’s Power Modules

  • Broad module portfolio for all power ranges
  • 2 and 3-level modules for high-power solutions
  • Maximum reliability in industry standard packages
  • Connection technologies available: solder pins, press-fit pins, screw connectors and spring contacts
  • Plug and play drivers


Semikron’s IPMs

  • Highly reliable SKiiP 4 for up to 3600A Icnom
  • Water and air-cooled versions
  • CANopen interface for diagnostics
  • Maximum reliability thanks to single sided sintering technology and Semikron’s ASIC driver chipset for maximum reliability
  • UL ready


Semikron’s Stacks

  • Fast time-to-market
  • Customised designed for individual customer applications
  • Including Semikron drivers with ASIC chipset for maximum reliability
  • UL ready


Semikron’s SlimLine

  • Frame size ranging from 75kVA to 1300kVA
  • Off-the-shelf product range
  • IP54 separation of electronics from cooling air
  • CAN interface for settings and error diagnostics
  • For integration in a 300mm cabinet
  • UL1741 ready


 Semikron’s Concept for ESS Cabinet Integration (250kW)

  • Purpose-developed housing for easy maintenance and high reliability
  • Based on SEMIKUBE SlimLine platform
  • 3-phase interleaved buck-boost
  • 250kW (400V 50Hz) AC to DC converter

Semikron’s Concept for ESS Cabinet Integration (250kW)


GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for Semikron, offering speedy quotations, competitive pricing and engineering expertise on the comprehensive product range.


For further information on Semikron’s power electronics designed for energy storage systems, please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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