Power Assemblies and Controllers

Circuit Protection


IXYS UK Westcode is a world leading manufacturer in power semiconductor design. Supporting a diverse market place, IXYS UK Westcode has evolved into one of the world's leading manufacturers of high power semiconductors.

IXYS UK Product Range

The IXYS UK product range includes: IGBTs, Diodes, Thyristors, Rectifiers, Fuses, Heat Sinks and Power Assemblies.

Circuit Protection

IXYS UK Westcode Fuses

IXYS UK Westcode provide a large range fuses offer fast-acting, ultra rapid protection against device rupture and external short circuits. IXYS UK;s range of fuses feature proven advanced technology to international standards and are uL recognised.



IXYS UK Thyristors

IXYS UK Westcode provide a comprehensive range of standard control thyristors used throughout the power electronics industry. IXYS thyristors voltage ranges from 600V to 4500V, ensuring they are suitable for applications with line voltages from 230V to over 1000V. The extensive range includes: phase control thyristors, fast turn-off thyristors, distributed gate thyristors, medium voltage thyristors, assymetric thyristors and pulse thyristors.



Heat Sinks & Hardware

IXYS UK Heatsink

IXYS UK Westcode’s extensive range of discrete components are used throughout the rail industry and its infrastructure. IXYS offer two types of custom built heat sinks: air cooled and solid fin heat sinks. 

Air Cooled Heat Sinks

Solid Fin Heat Sinks



IXYS UK Diodes

IXYS UK Westcode is one of the industries leading power semiconductor manufacturers and supplies high technology components to a wide range of applications, including: welding, AC and DC drives, rectifier supplies, uninterruptible power supplies, motor soft starts, transportation, induction heating and power conditioning.


Distributed Gate Thyristors

Fast Turn-off Thyristors

Phase Control Thyristors


GTO Thyristors

Medium Voltage Thyristors

Thyristor Diode Modules


IXYS UK Westcode Power Capacitors

IXYS UK Westcode design and manufacture a small selection of high quality power capacitors, including AC, DC and custom designed capacitors. IXYS UK's capacitors are used in applications within the traction. Industrial, energy, medical and military markets.

AC Capacitors

DC Capacitors

Power Assemblies & Controllers

IXYS UK Power Assemblies

IXYS UK Westcode can develop custom heat sinks, coolers, clamps, capacitors, semiconductor fuses, control electronics and mechanical packaging optimised to your application.  

Power Assemblies 


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IXYS UK Westcode

IXYS UK Westcode, formerly Westcode Semiconductors has been at the forefront of power semiconductor design. Supporting a truly worldwide and diverse market place, IXYS UK Westcode has evolved in to one of the world's leading manufacturers of high power semiconductors. 

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