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April 2024 – Semikron’s SKAI 3 LV MOSFET Inverters

Semikron’s fast solution to turn your control unit into a powerful low voltage motor controller

Semikrons SKAI 3 LV MOSFET Inverters Flyer

Semikron offers an off-the-shelf, high-performance inverter platform for low-voltage motor controller designs combining the basic elements: power switches, DC-link capacitors, power routing, gate-driver, cooling system and cover.

SKAI 3 LV is the third generation of industrial MOSFET inverters and is Semikron’s 7th generation of MOSFET inverter technology by the world-leading semiconductor manufacturer. There are more than 1.5 million MOSFET inverters in the field today. Semikron’s SKAI 3 LV is a platform concept offering both a standard and customisable design to meet your needs. The converter connects easily to a customer control board for quick and easy development, while leaving the control to the customer.


SKAI 3 LV Features

  • Suitable for compact designs
  • 30kVA/l power density
  • Vbattery: 24V up to 120V
  • 600Arms peak current during acceleration
  • Easy to use gate driver
  • IP66 enclosure



Learn more about the ultra-compact MOSFET inverter platform by downloading the SKAI 3 LV flyer here.


GD Rectifiers is an official distributor for Semikron and has been stocking their industry-leading power semiconductors for over 55 years.

GD Rectifiers stocks Semikron’s diodes, IGBTs, IGBT drivers, MOSFETs, rectifier bridges, SiC hybrid power modules, SiC power modules, thyristors and thyristor diode modules.  GD Rectifiers partners with Semikron to offer customers competitive pricing, fast delivery and expert technical support.


For further information on Semikron’s product range or to discuss your requirements, please contact GD Rectifiers on 01444 243 452 or email:

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