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June 2018 – Custom Power Assemblies by GD Rectifiers

Published on: 14/06/2018

Introducing GD Rectifiers’ wide range of custom power assemblies

GD Rectifiers Custom Power Assemblies

At GD Rectifiers, we’ve been manufacturing standard and custom designed power assemblies for over 50 years. We work closely with customers to offer high performance, cost effective assembly solutions with short lead times and provide an all-encompassing range of single phase assemblies, three phase assemblies and hex-phase assemblies. We can use semiconductor components from our partners such as IXYS or Semikron, or use semiconductors supplied by customers.

Our extensive range of power assemblies and controllers include: rectifiers, regulators, firing circuits/trigger modules, inverters, selenium suppressors, rotating diode assemblies, photovoltaic triple diode assemblies, blocking and voltage diodes, selenium rectifiers, single phase assemblies, three phase assemblies and hex-phase assemblies.

Our power assemblies are used across a wide range of applications including: AC drives, DC drives, bridges, regulators, soft start, energy optimisers, telecommunications, UPS and SMPS.


Custom Power Assemblies

Reasons to use GD Rectifiers as your power assembly manufacturer

1. GD Rectifiers design and manufacture customised power assemblies from initial concept to commissioning.

2. GD Rectifiers has the unique products and skill set for specialised applications, with over 50 years of experience in the industry they work closely with customers to ensure they produce products that best fit the customers’ specification.

3. We can cater to standalone systems, sub components and standard power assemblies.

4. GD Rectifiers have vast experience with designing and manufacturing various assemblies using SCR thyristors, GTO thyristors and IGBT modules or diode modules.

5. We provide a large range of designs with different cooling techniques in heatsink assemblies: forced-air cooled, water cooled and oil cooled.

6. GD Rectifiers assist customers at all stages in the design process, or simply provide technical expertise at the quote/delivery stages.


Explore the complete power assemblies and controllers range online today here.

For further information on GD Rectifiers’ power assembly capabilities and expertise, please call: 01444 243 452 or email:


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