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July 2022 – Critical Components for Circuit Protection Applications

Published on: 07/07/2022

Introducing the critical components designed for your applications

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GD Rectifiers has become one of the UK’s most respected circuit protection distributors, with a well-established and growing platform in power control and sensing technologies.

GD Rectifiers offers a diverse and comprehensive product range of semiconductors, fuses, capacitors, EMI filters, harmonic filters, motor protection, resistors, pulse transformers, inductors, line reactors, current and safety transformers; single and three phase transformers, traction converters and subsystems, heatsinks, and power assemblies.

Each of the manufacturers that we stock share our quality standards and unrivalled commitment to product innovation, technical support and customer service.

Our 55 year history of innovation, combined with our customer-first approach, drives us to provide customers with safe and reliable, industry leading products. We work with customers to provide global support across our wide product portfolio and liaise with our manufacturers daily.


Fuses & Fuse Mountings

GD Rectifiers stocks a large range of fuses from Bussmann, Littelfuse, Westcode, and Mersen, offering a broad portfolio of protection technologies. We stock a wide range of semiconductor fuses including:

Battery storage fuses, high speed fuses, high voltage fuses, medium voltage fuses, IEC and British Standard fuses, Industrial/red spot fuses, industrial power and UL fuses, low voltage UL and CSA branch circuit fuses, square body fuses, resettable PTC fuses, ferrule fuses, French cylindrical fuses, and PSC fuses (American standard, square body, French standard, European square body, German standard – European square body).

Typical industrial applications of fuses include: interior lighting, computer power, switchboards, motor control centres, emergency lighting, UPS backup power supplies, transformer/emergency generator, forklift battery charging station, HVAC chillers/blowers, welding circuits, plant lighting, distribution panels, disconnect switches, programmable logic circuits, and conveyor systems.

Typical commercial applications of fuses include: interior lighting, HVAC blowers, computer power, branch circuits, load centres, emergency lighting, disconnect/distribution panels, switchboard/motor control centres, lifts, and transformer/emergency generators.

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EMI, EMC & RFI Filters

GD Rectifiers offers a wide range of EMI, RFI and EMC filters by Enerdoor Group.

Single phase EMI filters offer a current range from 1-100A with nominal voltage up to 690Vac. Typical applications include: automated machinery, variable frequency drives, servo drives, medical equipment, packaging machinery, printing machinery, renewable energy applications, and power supplies.

Three phase EMI filters offer a current range of 1-3000A, with nominal voltage up to 690Vac. The three phase EMI filters offers a complete solution for the industrial automation industry. Typical applications include: automated machinery, packaging machinery, servo drives, variable frequency drives, renewable energy applications, CNC machinery, IT networks, medical equipment, and recharging stations.

Three phase plus neutral EMI filters offer a current range of 1-2000A, with nominal voltages up to 600Vac. Three phase plus neutral filters provide high attenuation in a compact case with low leakage current and is suitable for a broad range of applications. Typical applications include: conveyors, packaging machinery, multiple drive applications, laser equipment, CNC machinery, medical equipment, 3D printers, semiconductor machinery, automated machinery, and woodworking machinery.

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Harmonic Filters

We partner with the Enerdoor Group to offer customers a harmonic filter series with a rated current from 1-865A, and nominal voltage from 230-480Vac to solve harmonic disturbance and power quality issues by compensating current harmonic and power factor correction. We also offer Enerdoor’s active harmonic filter series designed to compensate current harmonics and power factor correction generated by industrial loads. Typical applications include: variable frequency drives, servo drives, automated machinery, industrial automation, and pumps.

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Motor Protection

We distribute Enerdoor’s motor protection devices ranging from 7-880A, with a nominal voltage of 0-750Vac. The motor protection series includes common mode and differential mode inductances, sine wave filters and snubbers. Typical applications include: various frequency switches, motor spindle applications and output frequencies and applications.

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Medical & Military Filters

We are the UK’s leading distributor for Enerdoor’s medical and military filters from 1-30A, with a nominal voltage of 120-277Vac. Scientific applications from 100kHz-10GHz and medical applications from 5MHz-5GHz. Enerdoor’s filtering solutions are offered upwards of hundreds of amps, ensuring that the full range of potential applications is covered.

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Parallel Filters

We work with Enerdoor to offer a unique solution; the Parallel filter series has a nominal voltage up to 750Vac. Parallel filters feature numerous benefits, including: only one model is required for any current range, attenuates RF noise in lower frequencies than other EMI filters and ensures EMI-RFI protection for equipment in any environment. Typical applications include: CNC machines, recharging stations, SCR applications, and renewable energy.

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Power Factor Correction

We partner with Enerdoor to offer a power factor correction solution which features: no capacitor banks unaffected by harmonic resonance, compensation for inductive and capacitive reactive power, and reduces costs and protects equipment from premature failure. Typical applications include: DC motors, soft start motors, processing machinery, end-user facilities, water and wastewater, oil refineries and inductive loads.

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We manufacture our own range of Dv/Dt snubber networks suited for most power drives such as drive and motor applications, and encapsulated transient voltage clipping networks for protection of the AC side of three-phase semiconductor power circuits.

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We offer a range of GD Rectifiers and Littelfuse Varistors, available in multiple forms, from Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) and Thermally Protected MOV (TMOV varistors) that suppress lightning transient voltages to Multi-Layer Varistors (MLVs) designed for applications requiring protection from various ESD and EFT transients.

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Surge Protection Modules

We work with Littelfuse, Enerdoor and Mersen to provide cost effective surge protection devices. Surge protection devices provide equipment protection from transient overvoltage events by limiting the overvoltage to the equipment which helps mitigate costly damage and downtime. Surge protection modules are predominantly used in applications for the following: automation, solar and wind power, machine tools, production/commercial facilities, OEM equipment and end users.

Shop Littelfuse Surge Protection Modules

Shop Enerdoor Surge Arresters

Shop Mersen Surge Arresters

Shop Solar Surge Protection Devices


Breakover Diodes

We offer a large range of customised high voltage encapsulated breakover diode modules to suit your voltage specific protection requirements and application.

Shop Breakover Diodes


Selenium Transient Suppressors

We can provide custom designed selenium transient suppressors for most industrial applications. We can also supply replacements for most old Westcode, International Rectifier and Semikron designs.

Shop Selenium Transient Suppressors


Thermal Trip Protection

We offer a wide range of thermal trips available in both open and closed formats with an operational range of up to 230°C.

Shop Thermal Trip Protection


At GD Rectifiers, our mission is to provide market leading power control, circuit protection and thermal management solutions that meet our customer’s specific needs.

We adopt a customer-focused philosophy which has helped us become one of the UK’s leading distributors of power electronic components. Our industry-leading products are designed for a variety of markets and applications. We offer unrivalled expertise and have developed a global footprint that puts our facilities close to our customers and target markets.


GD Rectifiers provides:

  • Application Expertise
  • Global Support
  • Innovation in Technology
  • Operational Excellence
  • Thermal Management Solutions
  • Collaboration
  • Customer Focused Solutions
  • World’s Leading Power Electronic Component Brands


For further information on our extensive product range, or to discuss an enquiry, please call 01444 243 452 or email:


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