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September 2020 – Benefits of using GD Rectifiers in 2020

Published on: 04/09/2020

Learn more about how we’re one of the UK’s most trusted independent distributors of electronic components

Semiconductor image, benefits of using GD Rectifiers.

Benefits of using GD Rectifiers

Power electronic component availability is more crucial now than ever before, with the uncertainty of the outcome of Brexit still looming and some OEM production plans undetermined, the UK is now being faced with health concerns regarding Coronavirus. Engineers and buyers need to forward plan and secure/buy stock in these uncertain times to minimise supply risks.

We share our top five tips on the benefits of using GD Rectifiers this year for sourcing your electronic components.


Inventory on our shelves

We hold at least 170,000 components in stock at any one time, offering our customers an extensive range of electronic components. We have an impressive yet coherent product portfolio, and we ensure we stock only the products we need on site. We work with manufacturers to deliver competitive prices and the best lead times possible. We know our customers and our industry extremely well, which is why we’re confident we have the products you need.


Minimise supply risks

We help customers minimise supply risks by offering a wide range of components available on the shelves. We are also able to offer suitable alternatives if a required part is no longer in stock. We are best placed to deal with component shortages as we offer an impressive portfolio and can often recommend suitable replacement parts from our existing range, and often a part that is already in stock.


Unbeatable technical support

We work closely with engineers, buyers and procurement specialists to share our knowledge and technical support on every project, offering replacement recommendations, cost effective sourcing solutions, obsolescence solutions and customised designs.


Customised purchasing solutions

We offer tailored purchasing solutions to our customers such as last time buys, call-off orders, scheduled orders and volume orders. We work closely with customers to find a solution that suits them.


Extension to your business

We work as an extension to your business, providing support with inventory management, pricing, product availability and obsolescence. We deliver key component updates as and when we receive them, keeping our customers informed every step of the way. We brainstorm solutions to help keep your project on track, minimising the stress and inconvenience your team have to endure to make it a pleasant buying process.


GD Rectifiers is a global manufacturer and distributor of products, services and solutions to commercial and industrial users of power electronic components. GD Rectifiers has over 55 years of experience across aviation, automotive, rail, medical, electronics and industrial markets.


GD Rectifiers is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company that distribute power electronic components and systems such as: semiconductors, circuit protection devices, passive components, traction converters and subsystems, and design and develop bespoke power semiconductor assemblies and controllers to control voltage, current and frequency for international industrial markets.


For further information on GD Rectifiers’ wide range of products please click here or contact our team today: 01444 243 452 or email:


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