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July 2021 – Power Assembly Manufacturer

Published on: 05/07/2021

Discover why we’re one of Europe’s leading power assembly manufacturers

Power Assemblies by GD Rectifiers. Power Assembly Manufacturer.

GD Rectifiers designs and manufactures power semiconductor stack assemblies and engineered thermal management solutions to suit all customer specifications.

GD Rectifiers combines expert power electronic assembly and in-house precision CNC machining to deliver reliable power assembly and heatsink solutions. We manufacture bespoke configurations of diode, IGBT, thyristor and MOSFET power stacks complete with high density bonded fin technology, extruded profile heatsinks and liquid cooled plates.

Based in Burgess Hill, United Kingdom, GD Rectifiers provides a broad range of power semiconductor assemblies and services, including: standard off-the-shelf assemblies, semiconductor components, custom designs, traction assembly refurbishments, state-of-the-art heatsink design and manufacturing facility and a CNC machining contract manufacturing service.

GD Rectifiers has provided industry-leading thermal management solutions to a wide range of industrial applications across the UK and Europe, including: rail, heavy EV, drives, welding, induction heating, motor starts, UPS, and renewable energy.


Power Assemblies and Controller Products

Power Assemblies

Power Assemblies by GD Rectifiers

Choose from 24 designs in three configurations, our team have a wealth of experience in working with customers to help bring their ideas to life.

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Rectifiers by GD Rectifiers

Whether you need a fully controlled rectifier, half controlled rectifier or an uncontrolled rectifier, GD Rectifiers can help. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from initial concept to full production run, we’re here to support you and make your project a success.

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Regulators by GD Rectifiers

Offering a range of single phase and three phase regulators designed to control the level of voltage or current of a device, utilising solid-state semiconductor technology.

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Firing Circuits/Trigger Modules

Firing Circuits and Trigger Modules by GD Rectifiers

Featuring MONO-LINK gate-to-gate firing, fire triacs or thyristors up to 440V (50/60z) available.

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Selenium Suppressors

Selenium Suppressors by GD Rectifiers

We can design and build selenium suppressors to a customer specification and we supply OEM replacement parts from Westcode, International Rectifier, STC, Semikron and Automat.

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Rotating Diode Assemblies

Rotating Diode Assemblies by GD Rectifiers

We partner with Ocram Power Electronics to offer customers a large range of rotating diode assemblies in six-pulse bridge connection for brushless AC generators with an Id range of 30-3000A.

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Photovoltaic Triple Diode Assemblies

Photovoltaic Triple Diode Assemblies by GD Rectifiers

Also known as string diodes, we work with Ocram Power Electronics to offer a reliable range of photovoltaic triple diode assemblies.

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Blocking and Voltage Dropping Diodes

Blocking and Voltage Dropping Diodes by GD Rectifiers

We offer a large range of blocking diodes suited to solar energy systems, we also provide a wide range of options for the blocking diodes including fitted fuses, indicators, microswitches, dv/dt suppression, MOV over-voltage suppression, thermal trips, higher current or voltages and oil or water-cooling options.

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Single Phase Assemblies

Single Phase Assemblies by GD Rectifiers

We offer 9 different types of single-phase assemblies: B2U, B2HA, B2HAF, B2HK, B2HKF, B2HZ, B2C, W1C and W1H.

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Three Phase Assemblies

Three Phase Assemblies by GD Rectifiers

Choose from 11 different types of three-phase assemblies: M3UK, M3CK, B6U, B6HA, B6HAF, B6HK, B6HKF, B6C, W3C, W3H, W3C-SS.

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Hex Phase Assemblies

Hex Phase Assemblies by GD Rectifiers

We offer 4 different types of hex-phase assemblies: M6UK, M6CK, M2.2UK, M3.2CK.

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Selenium Rectifiers

Selenium Rectifiers by GD Rectifiers

Alongside designing new selenium rectifiers, we can design and build data for old Westcode, International Rectifier, STC, Semikron and Automat selenium rectifier designs.

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For further information on GD Rectifiers extensive range of manufacturing capabilities, or to discuss your requirements, please call: 01444 243 452 or email:


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