Power Assemblies and Controllers

Circuit Protection

Firing Circuits/Trigger Modules

Phase Angle Firing Circuits & Power Modules

This range of single phase firing circuits and power modules use variable phase angle control to deliver a 0-100% adjustable output to the load. Some versions have adjustable signal matching and selectable soft start. For all but the MAT, the power transformer is remote for increased reliability and wide operational voltage capacity. Suitable for most AC resistive and inductive loads via a triac or thyristor on single phase to neutral or phase to phase supplies within voltage limits.

Burst Firing Circuits & Power Modules

This range of single phase and three phase firing circuits and power modules all operate in Burst-Fire or Logic mode, suitable for most resistive loads. Phase timing problems are eliminated. The burst firing circuit provides trigger pulses coincident with the mains polarity crossover, ensuring complete sine wave cycles are passed through the resistive load which inhibits RFI. Suitable for virtually all resistance heating loads including ovens, furnaces, hot plates, extruders, molders and space heaters.


  Standard Datasheets

  BM3R 3Ph 1leg Single Cycle
  BM3R 3Ph 2leg Single Cycle






Dual Mode Firing Circuits & Power Modules

This range of microprocessor based trigger modules and programming modules have two modes of triggering control, phase angle and burst firing, either can be selected separately. The modules can also used for soft starting in phase angle and they will automatically switch to burst fire mode when the control signal has reached a preset level.


  Standard Datasheets

  DMFC-12 (110v) FC
  DMFC-12 (230v) FC
  DMFC-12 (415v) FC
  FC36M (400v)
  FC36M (400v) DIN HOUSING
  FC36MV (400v)
  FC36M/MV Commander Module

  FC36M (400v) - User Manual
  FC36MV (400v) - User Manual
  FC36M/MV Commander Module - User Manual





Trigger Modules

The PSPC 100 is a cost effective, high performance zero voltage or instanteous switching thyristor trigger module. The packaging concept for this device allows the user to mount the PSPC 100 trigger module directly alongside encapsulated thyristor power modules which saves space and wiring between trigger circuits and thyristors. 

PSPC 100 Trigger Modules

An advanced product design enables the PSPC 100 the capability of triggering any thyristor (or solid state relays) up to 1000A current rating without any external components. It also accepts a wide logic input range and has an input current limit of 14mA (max).

PSPC 100 Datasheet

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