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May 2021 – Repair or replace? Our services are designed to suit you

Published on: 10/05/2021

GD Rectifiers discuss the engineering options and benefits of repairing or replacing semiconductor rectifiers

Three GD Rectifiers Regulators listed side by side. Repair or replace?

The manufacturing sector up until now has worked to a linear business model based on ‘take, make, use and dispose’, but with changing times and an eco-friendlier audience, could the future focus be repairing or remanufacturing instead.

A regenerative model in which components are used multiple times is hailed by many for its economic and environmental advantages. When a rectifier breaks, it is frustrating and inconvenient and it’s not always straight forward to deal with. Manufacturers are faced to make a decision on what to do next, replace it with a new component, repair it or remanufacture it.


Repair or Replace? Aspects to consider

Replacing a rectifier is usually an engineer or buyers first choice but it is not necessarily the easiest or cheapest option. Often repairing the part would be the effective solution to minimise downtime and benefit the environment.

Engineers should always consider what approach they would take if their equipment breaks down. The first factor to be considered is, whether or not the rectifier is still covered by it’s warranty which will usually only cover the first year. After the first year, engineers will often apply the 50/50 rule, which states that repairing makes sense when the sum of the spare parts and labour expense does not exceed half of the product original value.

However, supporters of the circular business approach will tend to disagree and believe that it is always worth remanufacturing or repairing unless the cost surpasses that of buying a brand-new unit.

Another aspect to consider is if the equipment required is still being produced by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or if it has been made obsolete. In this case, you can rely on GD Rectifiers to supply you with a quick solution and a repaired or replacement rectifier.


GD Rectifiers offers a repair and replacement service for faulty or aging semiconductor rectifiers, converters, inverters and regulators, helping you get your equipment back up and running when your rectifier breaks down.

For further information on our repair and replacement service, please contact our sales team today on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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