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May 2019 – Dynex High Power IGBT Modules

Published on: 17/05/2019

Introducing the extensive range of Dynex high power IGBT modules

Dynex IGBT Modules by GD Rectifiers

Dynex High Power IGBT Modules

Dynex is a leading manufacturer of semiconductors and specialise in high power IGBT modules. Dynex’s high power IGBT modules feature superior power cycling with the latest generation IGBT die. The acclaimed DIM IGBT modules are robust and work with high reliability at any temperature condition from -40/50°C up to +150°C.

Dynex’s high power IGBT modules are a favourite amongst engineers because they feature high DC stability via advanced edge termination design and passivation, have self-limiting short circuit current, low switching losses and an AISiC baseplate for increased thermal cycling capability.

Dynex’s high power IGBT modules are used in a large range of applications, including: high reliability inverters, motor controllers, traction drives and different circuit topologies such as: half bridge, single switch and chopper.

GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for Dynex, and also offer their broad range of FRD modules. They stock a wide range of semiconductor components from the world’s leading manufacturers, including: IXYS, IXYS UK, Semikron, Electronic Devices Inc and Dynex.


For further information on Dynex’s high power IGBT modules please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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