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June 2020 – Benefits of using a Design-in Distributor

Published on: 09/06/2020

Learn more about the advantages of purchasing components from a design-in distributor rather than going direct to the manufacturer

IXYS Products by GD Rectifiers, Design-in Distributor

A design-in distributor offers new parts that have been designed-in to a build for a specific customer using a design registration.

A design registration from the manufacturer usually allows the distributor to have exclusive access to the part for that particular build. This rewards the distributor for all the time and effort spent on designing the project and reassures them that if the project starts being tendered out then they should remain the distributor for that part and the manufacturer should refer enquiries back to the design-in distributor.


Component selection

Distributors will deliver an honest opinion on product availability and the product best suited to your application. Distributors are in a great position to advise engineers and procurement specialists because they know the advantages of using each component and which is most likely to deliver the desired outcome for the customer, whether its price, lead time or quality.

They represent a wide range of manufacturers and are often better placed to recommend the right component for customers than the manufacturers themselves, based on previous experience, knowing like for like competitor components, comparing the two based on performance and having an understanding on lead times and prices across the industry.

It is also unlikely that component manufacturers would disclose product pitfalls or compare their product to a similar device from a competitor as they are focused purely on trying to sell their own devices. 

IXYS Discrete IGBTs by GD Rectifiers

Technical knowledge and on-going support 

Sometimes design engineers prefer to use the same components from the same manufacturers over and over again, which has some benefits to engineers such as quality and performance assurance, but often this can lead to price increases and product obsolescence over time if other customers switch to using other parts and demand for certain components diminish.

Design-in distributors are able to offer new products and support customers who are proactively looking for new parts or those that should be seeking new alternatives. This could be because the same component has been used for 20+ years, or the manufacturer announces a part is being phased out or sometimes a new component is just better suited to the application as technology has moved on.

Procurement specialists can either quote their existing part number to a distributor, or discuss the component performance they want to achieve which will enable the distributor to offer suitable parts. Often customers can benefit from more accuracy, better pricing and improved lead times if they are open to exploring replacement parts based on the specification and not being so set on the part being sourced from the same manufacturer.


Customisation where required

Many component manufacturers (and in some cases, distributors) are capable of providing numerous customised designs, offering more than a typical supplier. Procurement specialists should always ask their distributors about customised products, both from the manufacturer and the distributor themselves.

Distributors are knowledgeable and know which products are customisable, saving customers time and money sourcing the right components.


Supportive sales representatives

Procurement specialists often prefer partnering with distributors in the same country as it allows maximum support with increased communication times, knowing that they can receive quick answers on quotes, lead times and order updates.

Manufacturers appoint distributors in every region so that customers have access to their products at every hour of the day, no matter what country or time-zone you are in.

Customer service image


A reliable component source

Procurement specialists and engineers tend to source components from their preferred distributors rather than online stores, because they know they can secure the best price and lead time using their reliable source.

They can work with their distributor to ensure stock is always on the shelf whilst they have a requirement for it. They also benefit from the distributors expertise in being able to suggest alternative products if the component they’re looking for is out of stock.


GD Rectifiers is an authorised distributor for over 30 semiconductor and passive components, circuit protection, electromagnetic and traction converters/subsystem manufacturers, including: IXYS, Westcode, Semikron, Dynex, Bussmann, Mersen, Enerdoor, Ocram, Sirio, EDI and KONČAR. GD Rectifiers has extensive experience in being a design-in distributor and worked closely with customers on designing new builds.

GD Rectifiers' Product Range


Established in 1964, they have over 55 years of experience within the aviation, automotive, rail, medical, submarine, industrial and electronics markets.

Alongside distributing components for some of the world’s leading brands, they also manufacture their own range of heatsinks, selenium and silicon rectifiers, suppressors, inverters, regulators, single, three-phase and hex-phase assemblies.


GD Rectifiers' Products

GD Rectifiers provides a wide range of subcontracting services and can design customised heatsinks and power assemblies to any specification. They offer scheduled and call-off orders to ensure customers always have stock on the shelves, guaranteeing fast delivery and minimal supply chain disruption by not having to factor in long lead times. GD Rectifiers offers a high level of technical expertise and support across their extensive product portfolio.


For further information on GD Rectifiers and to discuss your requirements, please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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