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February 2022 – Solar Product Range by GD Rectifiers

Published on: 25/02/2022

Introducing GD Rectifiers extensive solar product range

Solar panel installation

In 2021 SolarPower Europe outlined that the European Union had seen an estimated 25.9GW of new solar PV capacity connected to the grid an increase of 34% over the 19.3 GW installed in 2020. This growth made 2021 the best year in European solar history, breaking the decade long record of 21.4GW installed in the EU in 2011.

The trade association estimates further growth capacity of 327.6 GW by 2025 and up to 672 GW by 2030. This will mean the EU solar fleet will double within four years, compared to the 164.9 GW installed today.

GD Rectifiers offers an extensive range of devices suited to solar applications from Littelfuse and ANYSOLAR.


Solar Product Range: IXOLAR SolarBIT

ANYSOLAR IXOLAR Products by GD Rectifiers

ANYSOLAR offers a wide range of solar products including solar cell modules suitable for industrial applications such as wireless sensors for portable instrumentation, IoT devices and charging emergency back-up batteries. The ANYSOLAR IXOLAR range features state-of-the-art solar technology and caters to all of your solar power needs.



Solar Arc Flash Detection

Littelfuse Solar Arc Flash Detection by GD Rectifiers

Littelfuse offers a selection of three types of solar arc flash detection devices – AF0100, AF0500 and PGR-8800.

The AF0100 is a cost-effective solution that reduces arc-fault damage by detecting the light from an arc flash and rapidly tripping.

The AF0500 is a microprocessor based arc-flash protection relay and the PGR-8800 is a UL an cUL listed arc-flash relay that reliably detects developing arc-flash incidents without nuisance tripping by looking for a combination of excess light and current.

Shop Solar Arc Flash Detection here


Littelfuse offers two solar protection relay devices – EL731 and SE-601 – AC/DC devices suited to solar and transportation systems.Littelfuse Solar Protection Relays by GD Rectifiers

Shop Solar Protection Relays


Solar Rated Varistors

Littelfuse Solar Rated Varistors by GD Rectifiers

Littelfuse offers three types of radial leaded varistors (MOVs) – LA (line voltage operation radial leaded varistor), SM20 (surface mount varistor for hi-energy applications) and SM7 (surface mount varistor for AC line protection).

Shop Solar Rated Varistors


Solar Protection Arrays

Littelfuse Solar Protection Arrays by GD Rectifiers

Littelfuse’s protection arrays offer balanced overvoltage protection, low distortion, low insertion loss and are compatible with 1000base-T. They offer five types of surge protection arrays: SEPXXXXQ38, SP03-3.3, SP03-6, SP3002 and SPLV2-8-4.

Shop Solar Protection Arrays


Solar Surge Protection Devices

Littelfuse Solar Surge Protection Devices by GD Rectifiers

Littelfuse offers seven types of solar surge protection devices: SPD2 1P+0, SPD2 1P+1, SPD2 2P+0, SPD2 3P+0, SPD2 3P+1, SPD2 4P+0 and SPD2 PV, all designed to protect from transient overvoltage events lasting micro-seconds, by limiting the overvoltage to the equipment during these events reduces costly damage and downtime.

Shop Solar Surge Protection Devices


Solar TVS Diodes

Littelfuse Solar TVS Diodes by GD Rectifiers

Littelfuse’s TVS components are designed for protection of I/O interfaces, they offer two types of TVS diodes to choose from: P6KE and SMBJ.

Shop Solar TVS Diodes


GD Rectifiers has been an authorised distributor for IXYS for over twenty-five years, which has recently been acquired by Littelfuse.


GD Rectifiers offers a wide selection of solar products by Littelfuse, including: Solar Arc Flash Detection, Solar Protection Arrays, Solar Protection Relays, Solar Rated Varistors, Solar Surge Protection Devices and Solar TVS Diodes. GD Rectifiers also offers a broad range of solar cells and modules, including the IXOLAR SolarMD and IXOLAR SolarBIT product ranges by ANYSOLAR.


For further information on GD Rectifiers’ solar product range or to discuss an enquiry with our sales team, please call: 01444 243 452 or email:

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