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February 2017 – GD Rectifiers’ Circuit Protection Range

Published on: 08/02/2017

Introducing our extensive range of circuit protection range

Circuit Protection range

GD Rectifiers’ circuit protection devices feature low clamping voltage, low capacitance and low leakage current. Browse our extensive range of circuit protection devices, circuit breakers, fuses, fuse holders and fuse blocks for all applications.


Circuit Protection Range

Fuses & Microswitches

GD Rectifiers stock a wide range of fuses by some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, including: Cooper Bussmann/Eaton Bussmann, Mersen and IXYS UK Westcode.


Cooper Bussmann/Eaton Bussmann

Bussmann offer a large selection of fuses including: low voltage fuses, British style BS88 fuses, square body fuses and HV fuses.


Low Voltage Fuses

Low Voltage Catalogue


British Style BS88 Fuses

BS88 – 240V Datasheet

BS88 – 690V Datasheet


Square Body Fuses

Square Body – 690V Datasheet

Square Body – 1000V Datasheet

Square Body – 1250V Datasheet


HV Fuses

HVA 1000 Volts Datasheet

HVB 2500 Volts Datasheet

HVJ 5000 Volts Datasheet

HVL 10000 Volts Datasheet

HVR 1000 Volts Datasheet

HVT 2500 Volts Datasheet

HVU 5000 Volts Datasheet

HVW 1200 Volts Datasheet

HVX 10000 Volts Datasheet



Formerly Ferraz Shawmut, Mersen Fuses offer a wide range of fuses that comply to various standards such as BS, IEC, DIN and many others. They produce suitable fuse holders for easy to replace blown fuses. They also manufacture microswitches and trip indicators.

View the complete Mersen Fuses Catalogue here


IXYS UK Westcode

The IXYS UK range of fuses offers fast-acting, ultra rapid protection against device rupture, external short circuits, destructive energy let through and excessive peak currents. IXYS UK Westcode fuses are produced using proven, advanced technology to international standards. The majority of the IXYS UK range has UL recognition.

View the IXYS UK Westcode Fuses Catalogue here


Fuse Mountings

GD Rectifiers are a leading distributor of circuit protection devices and offer a wide range of Bussmann fuses, including: miniature fuses, semiconductor fuses, high voltage fuses, DC fuses and fuse gear. They also stock Bussmann modular fuseblocks and Busbar fuse mounts.


Modular Fuseblocks

0.700V 400 Amps Datasheet

0-1250V 700 Amps Datasheet

0-2500V 400 Amps Datasheet

0-5000V 400 Amps Datasheet



GD Rectifiers manufacture a large range of DV/DT Snubber Networks suitable for most power devices including drive and motor applications.

View the Datasheet here


Varistors & Thermal Trips

Varistors are often used as the front-line solution for transient surge protection. GD Rectifiers provide their expertise and technical knowledge to offer a large range of circuit protection technologies.

View the complete range of Varistors & Thermal Trips here


Selenium Transient Suppressors

GD Rectifiers can supply custom designed selenium transient suppressors for most applications, they can also supply replacements for old Westcode, International Rectifier and Semikron designs.

For more information on Selenium Transient Suppressors click here


For further information on all GD Rectifiers products click here or contact our team today: 01444 243 452 /

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