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February 2017 – Mersen’s Surge Protection Range

Published on: 13/02/2017

Global experts in electrical power, discover Mersen’s surge protection range

Mersen's Surge Protection Range


Surge Protection

Surge Arresters are appliances that are designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes, they limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

Surge protection devices and transient voltage surge suppressors are usually installed in power distribution panels, process control systems, communication systems and various other heavy-duty industrial systems. Surge protection devices protect against electrical surges and spikes, with the most common spike caused by lightning.

Protection against lightning and overvoltages ensures continuity of installation services and also meets the criteria of energy efficiency. Overvoltage protection extends the life of the equipment by more than 20% which significantly reduces the volume of electronic waste. It also reduces the power consumption of the installations which allows cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Transient overvoltages are voltage surges that can reach ten of kilovolts with a duration of the order of microseconds. Despite their short duration, the high energy content can cause serious problems to equipment connected to the line from premature aging to destruction, causing disruptions to service.

This type of surge can have various different causes, including atmospheric lightning directly striking the external protection (lightning rods) on a building, transmission line or the associated induction of electromagnetic fields on metallic conductors. Outdoor and longer lines are the most exposed to these fields, which often receive high levels of induction.

It is also common for non-weather phenomena, such as transformer centre switching or the disconnection of motors or other inductive loads to cause voltage spikes in adjacent lines. The protector will discharge excess energy to earth, limiting the peak voltage to a value acceptable for the electrical equipment connected.

Mersen are global experts in electrical power and advanced materials, they design, manufacture, test and certify innovative solutions within the energy, transportation, electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Mersen offers a wide range of surge protection solutions for power lines, photovoltaic systems, outdoor and commercial LED lighting and components.


Power Frequency Overvoltage Protection for Power Lines

Power Frequency Overvoltage Protection for Power Lines

View the Power Frequency Overvoltage Protection for Power Lines range here


Surge Protection Components

Surge Protection Components

View the Surge Protection Components range here


Surge Protection for Outdoor and Commercial LED Lighting

Surge Protection for Outdoor and Commercial LED Lightning

View the Surge Protection for Outdoor and Commerical LED Lighting range here


Surge Protection for Power lines

Surge Protection for Power Lines

View the Surge Protection for Power Lines range here


Surge Protection for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Surge Protection for Solar Photovoltaic Systems

View the Surge Protection for Solar Photovoltaic Systems range here


Why use Mersen’s Surge Protection Range

1. Bringing together the experience of the principal international manufacturing and test standards for SPDs (IEC and UL)

2. Unique expertise in the combination of SPD and fuse technology

3. Innovative ranges combining surge protection and ground monitoring to provide full safety and continuity of service

4. World-class surge test platform with laboratories holding accreditations for both IEC/EN 61643-11 (Terrassa) and UL 1449 3rd ed (Newburyport)

5. Global manufacturing footprint of a comprehensive range of solutions covering both IEC and UL markets

6. Leadership in POP (TOV) – power frequency overvoltage protection and combined SPD+POP devices EN 50550

7. Wide range of solutions targeting industrial, commercial and residential applications

8. Mersen is committed to innovation and have a highly specialised team, test laboratories, high investment in R&D&I, international patents and presence on standard committees.  Mersen has two large test laboratories: one in Newburyport (Massachusetts) and one in Terrassa (Spain)




GD Rectifiers are Mersen’s largest official UK Distributor, they stock the complete surge protection range for all applications. GD Rectifiers is a global manufacturer and distributor of products, services and solutions to commercial and industrial users of power electronic components. GD Rectifiers are an ISO 9001: 2008 registered company that design and develop bespoke power semiconductor assemblies to control voltage, current and frequency for international industrial markets.

Established in 1964, GD Rectifiers has over 50 years of extensive experience across a large range of markets, specialising in new and current technologies for industrial power control applications. An extensive product offering has built GD Rectifiers remarkable reputation today as the go-to power specialist for all semiconductor components.


For further information on all surge protection devices please view the Surge Protection Catalogue here or call: 01444 243 452 or email:

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