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August 2021 – GD Rectifiers Becomes a Distributor for ANYSOLAR

Published on: 17/08/2021

ANYSOLAR acquires the IXYS IXOLAR product range

ANYSOLAR IXOLAR Range by GD Rectifiers. ANYSOLAR acquires the IXYS IXOLAR product range.

ANYSOLAR was founded in 2009 and is located in Yongin, Republic of Korea. ANYSOLAR has extensive experience in the solar industry and has previously produced high quality solar modules for IXYS: A Littelfuse brand, building a global solar module market for more than a decade.

In June 2020, IXYS sold the IXOLAR solar division to ANYSOLAR who acquired the business and customers from IXYS. IXOLAR now continues to attract new customers from the Unites States, Europe and other areas through global distribution networks and sales channels.


ANYSOLAR, who has always been the manufacturer of the IXOLAR division when owned by IXYS, will continue to design, develop and produce the world’s most efficient surface mountable SolarBITs and compact-size solar modules.

With highly experienced production expertise and a quality-first corporate philosophy, ANYSOLAR will continue to grow a technology driven solar company.

IXOLAR products consist of SolarBIT and SolarMD as standard products and can be customised to specific requirements.


ANYSOLAR IXOLAR Products by GD Rectifiers



  • Surface mountable
  • Reflow solderable
  • Film laminated encapsulation
  • Form factor: 23mm x 8mm x 1.8mm



  • Manual solderable mini solar modules
  • Film laminated encapsulation
  • Customised voltage/current ratings
  • Various module sizes


GD Rectifiers was previously an authorised distributor for the IXYS IXOLAR product range, and is now pleased to be an official distributor for ANYSOLAR’s IXOLAR range.

For further information on ANYSOLAR’s IXOLAR product portfolio, please click here or contact our sales team on: 01444 243 452 or email:


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