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February 2022 – IXYS Product Termination Notice

Published on: 21/02/2022

IXYS Product Termination Notice – Discrete IGBT IXBF9N160G to be made obsolete

IXYS Product termination Notice. IXYS Discrete IGBT device on a white background

Littelfuse has this week announced the product termination of IXYS’ Discrete IGBT IXBF9N160G. The reason for the obsolescence is due to the part not being in high demand and have now been substituted by the manufacturers newest discrete IGBT family.


Last Time to Buy: 28th February 2022

Effective Date: 1st September 2022


Littelfuse are constantly trying to improve their service to customers and make their supply chain more agile and lean.


GD Rectifiers has been an authorised distributor of IXYS semiconductor components for over 25 years. GD Rectifiers stocks the brands complete range of diodes, IGBTs, MOSFETs, thyristors, thyristor diode modules, thyristor module accessories, rectifier bridges, inverter modules, SiC power MOSFETs, SiC Schottky diodes and switchable current regulators.


If you would like to discuss this IXYS product termination notice in more detail or receive support on finding an alternative part, please contact our sales team today on 01444 243 452 or email:


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