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IXYS module gate and cathode leads are designed to connect to thyristors and are RoHS compliant.  The cathode lead is red and is used for triggering or squelching the device independent of the high capacity cathode lead.

One of the two leads goes directly to the gate, the other is connected as closely as possible to the cathode at the die. Is this so that if a voltage appears across the cathode lead it will not affect the gate-to-cathode trigger voltage. 

IXYS Thyristor Module Leads

IXYS offers five types of thyristor module accessories in their range: type ZY180L, ZY180R, ZY200L and ZY200R. 


Type ZY180L (L= left for pin pair 4/5)

Type ZY180R (R = right for pin pair 6/7)

For module types: MCC/MCD/MCO/MCMA/MCNA 132, 161 up to 700 (for MCD/MCO only L-type):

Keyed Gate Cathode twin plugs with wire length = 350/480mm, gate = white, cathode = red.


Type ZY200L (L = left for pin pair 4/5)

Type ZY200R (R = right for pin pair 6/7)


For module type TO-240 package MCC/MCD/MCMA/MCNA 19 up to 120 and 140 (version 1):

Keyed Gate Cathode twin plugs with wire length = 34-/460mm, gate = white, cathode = red.


ZY250 (material brass)

For module types MCC/MCD/MDD 310 Threaded spacer for higher Anode/Cathode construction.


IXYS is a world leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, their product range includes: IGBTs, MOSFETs, Thyristors, Diodes and Semiconductor Accessories.

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