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Discrete IGBTs are a favourite amongst engineers who design power conversion systems due to their high efficiency performance and low cost.

IXYS provides an extensive range of discrete IGBTs including: Xtreme light Punch Through (XPT) IGBTs, Non-Punch Through (NPT) IGBTs, Soft-Punch Through IGBT, Trench IGBTs, G-series Legacy IGBTs, G-series A B & C Class IGBTs, G-series A2 B2 & C2 Class IGBTs, G-series A3 B3 & C3 Class (GenX3TM) IGBTs, S-series Legacy (SCSOA) IGBTs, S-Series A B * C Class IGBTs. S-series B2 Class IGBTs, L-series IGBTs, 1600V & 1700V Low Sat IGBTs, 1600V & 1700VLow Sat IGBTs w/diode, 1600V & 1700V High Speed IGBTs w/diode, Very High Voltage (2500-4000V) IGBTs, B-series IGBTs, R-series (Reverse Blocking) IGBTs.

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IXYS IGBTs by GD Rectifiers 


Xtreme Light Punch Through (XPT™) Planar IGBTs

The XPT IGBTs are an extremely rugged technology platform of IGBTs, which are ideal for critical applications that require low conduction and low switching losses with a 10 μs short circuit withstand capability. IXYS XPT IGBTs have lower saturation voltage and low total switching energy (Eon + Eoff). A large portfolio of module packed Planar XPTs are also available for applications such as UPS, Motor drive and solar inverters.


Xtreme Light Punch Through (X2PT™) Planar IGBTs

The X2PT are IXYS’ second generation of XPT IGBTs. Features are 10 μs short circuit capability, 175°C max junction temperature, further reduce VCEsat) and lower turn-off losses (Eoff) resulting in a competitive performance to the latest trench devices at reduced Rth. These IGBTs are most commonly used for Motor Inverters.


Xtreme Light Punch Through (XPT™) Trench IGBTs

The XPT Trench IGBTs are the latest development in the IGBT range. This range starts at 650V and features a low VCE(sat) and an extremely low switching losses, making this the ideal range for fast switching applications whilst retaining good SOA rating and a positive temperature coefficient.


1600V & 1700V Low Sat IGBTs

The Low Sat IGBTs are designed for capacitor discharge applications, featuring a low voltage, high power density and high peak current capability. These IGBTs provide a complete solution for power conversion applications.


1600V & 1700V High Speed IGBTs

This family of 1600/1700V IGBTs are targeted for high voltage applications that require 10 μs short circuit withstand capability. IXYS offer a fast switching ‘A’ version 1700 V NPT IGBTs and both are suitable for high voltage switching applications with switching frequencies upwards of 50 kHz.


Very High Voltage (2500V – 4000V) IGBTs

IXYS boost a unique range of discrete 2500V, 3000V and 4000V VHV IGBTs with collector current ratings spanning from 2A to 75A. The voltage and current ratings of these devices, coupled with simplified MOS gate-control makes this IGBT a favourite amongst engineers.



BiMOSFETs have the combined strengths of MOSFETs and IGBTs. IXYS BiMOSFETs feature a monolithic intrinsic diode which can reduce die count in many applications.  

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IXYS is a world leading manufacturer of power semiconductors, their product range includes: IGBTs, MOSFETs, Thyristors, Diodes and Semiconductor Accessories.

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