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December 2019 – Semikron’s Scalable Off-the-shelf Solution for DC Chargers

Published on: 04/12/2019

Introducing Semikron’s new 50kW PowerCell, the perfect solution for DC chargers

Semikron's Solution for DC Chargers, 50kW PowerCell by GD Rectifiers

One of the main requirements for the widespread use of electric vehicles is having an accessible EV charging infrastructure. Governments and industries worldwide are preparing to invest in charging infrastructures. The critical points in the product decision are costs, power and reliability.

Semikron’s Solution for DC Chargers

Semikron’s new 50kW PowerCell enables companies to market DC fast chargers using a qualified power electronics platform. Availability, efficiency and reliability guarantee fast time to market and low upfront investment costs. In combination with a secure supply chain and a modular design, the PowerCell plays a vital role in the successful deployment of your DC fast chargers.

Watch Semikron’s interview with Timo Gasseur on the YouTube page here.

GD Rectifiers has been an official distributor for Semikron for over 50 years, they stock their extensive product portfolio of: Diodes, IGBTs, IGBT Drivers, MOSFETs, Rectifier Bridges, SiC Hybrid Power Modules, SiC Power Modules, Thyristors, Thyristors Diode Modules, Heat Sinks and Power Assemblies.

GD Rectifiers also design and manufacture their own range of power assemblies, including: single phase, three phase and hexaphase assemblies suitable for commercial and industrial users.

GD Rectifiers also specialise in the design of other power assemblies such as: rectifiers, regulators, inverters, selenium suppressors and firing circuits/trigger modules.

For further information on Semikron or GD Rectifiers’ products please call our sales team today on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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