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Semikron SiC Power Modules

Semikron's range of Silicon Carbide power modules are offered in a power range from 10kW to 350kW in 1200V and are available in seven diferent packages.

The MiniSKiiP and SEMITOP packages represent the low power range of up to 25kW and are both baseplate-less. The MiniSKiiP comes with Semikron's tried and tested spring technology as a full SiC 6-pack, with or without SiC schottky free-wheeling diodes. The first and second generation SEMITOP modules help achieve maximum flexibility in combination with the industry standard package SEMITOP E1/E2. 

SEMIKRON SiC Power Modules

The medium and high-power range of silicon carbide power modules are covered by SEMITRANS 3, SKiM63/93 and SEMiX 3 Press-Fit, available in hybrid and full SiC topologies for up to 600A rated chip current. Fast rectifier modules with SiC schottky diodes are alaso available in SEMIPACK and SEMITOP packages. 

Semikron's hybrid and full silicon carbide power modules combine the benefits of proven industry standard power modules and the low module commutation inductance allows for full speed switching of SiC MOSFETs. The higher the switching speeds can be converted in to higher switching frequencies, resulting in smaller magnetic filter components. Semikron's sophisticated materials and packaging technologies minimise the thermal resistance of the chip to the heatsink, enabling higher power densities.

Typical applications include: solar inverters, energy storage systems, UPS, motor drives and power supplies.  


Product Type         Product Line      VDS in V      ID in A     Switches      Product Status       
SK20KDD12SCp          SEMITOP 2 Press-Fit (28x40.5x12) 1200 18 H-Bridge Sample status
SKiiP 13ACM12V17 MiniSKiiP II 1 (42x40x16) 1200 25 Six Pack Sample status
SKiiP 13ACM12V18 MiniSKiiP II 1 (42x40x16) 1200 25 Six Pack Sample status
SK25MH120TSCp SEMITOP 2 Press-Fit (28x40.5x12) 1200 26 H-Bridge Sample status
SK35MLLE120SCp SEMITOP 2 Press-Fit (28x40.5x12) 1200 36 Customer Specific     Sample status
SK45MAHT12SCp SEMITOP 3 Press-Fit (31x55x12) 1200 39 Six Pack In production new
SK45MLET12SCp SEMITOP 3 Press-Fit (31x55x12) 1200 39 Single Switch Sample status
SK45MH120TSCp SEMITOP 2 Press-Fit (28x40.5x12)       1200 40 H-Bridge Sample status
SKKE60S12 SEMIPACK 2 (94x34x30) 1200 64 Single Switch Sample status
SKiiP 26ACM12V17 MiniSKiiP II 2 (59x52x16) 1200 72 Six Pack Sample status
SKM350MB120SCH15 SEMITRANS 3 (106x62x31) 1200 523 Half Bridge Sample status
SKM350MB120SCH17     SEMITRANS 3 (106x62x31) 1200 523 Half Bridge Sample status
SKM500MB120SC SEMITRANS 3 (106x62x31)           1200 541 Half Bridge Sample status


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SEMIKRON is a leading global semiconductor manufacturer. Semikron focuses on new markets such as renewable energy and hybrid vehicles as well as industrial applications such as electric drives, welding machines, lifts, power supplies, pumps, conveyor belts, trains and trams.

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